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Almost from the day we are born we all belong to some organization, each of us belong to a family, an institution that is not highly structured.  Later we proceed through school and eventually go to work for some organization to earn a living.  Yet how often do we think about what an organization is? We speak of public organization, business organization, religious organization and many others.  What do they all have in common that make us call them organization?

The first thing that comes to ones mind is people organization.  It must compose of people.  Next we may think of objectives.  There must be some reasons, some goals for those people to come together to achieve.  Third we consider structure.  If a number of people have come together to accomplish some objectives then there must be a structure, a plan that will aids in getting the task performed.  In other words, organization structure involves regularities in activities such as allocation, supervision and coordination.  Finally, a relationship should exist among these people as they work to accomplish the objective of the organization.  Organization are primary complex goal seeking units, which survive must accomplish secondary task, example they must maintain their internet system to coordinate the human side of enterprise and must adapt to the shape of the external environment.

To discuss the impact of organization structure on effective management in a business organization, it is important to define both organization and management and further consider its impact different authors give various definition of management as a discipline and look at it as focal point to the determination of an organization, manpower development progress and the effectiveness of the success of such organization.
According to James (2005) management is the process of allocation of an organization inputs, men, money, and material by planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and staffing for the purpose of producing output designed so that the aim and objectives of the organization should be accomplished.

A clear picture of the organizational structure is essential, it make one see how management resources are distributed and how to get management development need into proper perspective in a small company.  The members of the board will know all the manager and potential managers, concerned personally in a large firm, this will not be the case, some people will be known but it is certain that good many others will not be known.  This state of imperfect knowledge can lead to some old result in one large company a younger manager completed a different assignment and the board noted his achievement.

The way a company is structured and organized will affect the way managers within it do their jobs.  The organization structure, determines how work to be done is shared out and this in turn affect both personal and communication relationships between people in the company.  It had been argued that if people have the right attitudes and the will to work together the structure of the organization is of higher consequences this are only true in the sense that with good will, people will make a bad organization work be deliberately ignoring the formal structure by going to a great deal of trouble to keep colleagues informed either officially or unofficially and by holding many more meetings that would otherwise be necessary in some compromises, specially administrative staff are employed to control relationships by example, deciding who should be on a particular distribution lists or attend a certain meeting, and ever to assist executive to allocate work because the existing structure is too vague to be certain that the work would be done.  A good way of assessing whether an organization is properly structured and control is to find out how much time managers spend in the organization, how much time is spent on purely maintenance activities of the organization.  A very careful review of organization is likely to produce improvement.  A closer look will be taken on the assessment of the capabilities of people filling the post within the organization and what future management manpower resources will be needed.


The difficulties most business organization are facing today are in the area of good management, by not using effective organizational structure.  Organizational structure deals with the relationships between all the jobs in the organization.  Organization are bound to face problems that will eventually lead to bad management.  There are reasons for this interest in organization structures and the underlying principles these interest organization structures are newly set up and are unlikely to satisfy the need of the organization.  The best structure will not guarantee result and performance.  In every organization we try to make the best use of our available resources with the intention of getting greatest output from a given input but we normally fail.  Because we cannot evaluate the solvency of the already structure in the organization as to its validity and this is the reason why people argue among themselves about how productive a firm is or an organization produce it service to the people many organization have failed.  To understand the importance of organizational structure in any business or organization they are operating.  So they hardly know whether the organization are really using the best organizational structure for the effectiveness of the management in the operation of service to the community. Many people failed to realize the importance of organizational structure.

Most organization have to face a number of crucial issues about the kind of structure that will sustain the success of the enterprise, the most frequent issues are:

  • To what extend should we encourage the use of specialization of ideals?
  • What degrees of standardization should be imposed on behavior of what degree of discretion should be allowed to individual job holders?
  • How much formality should be encouraged?
  • How much level of authority should be established?
  • To what extent should decision making be centralized or decentralized.

There is no perfect answer to any of these questions but there are number of possible options, which if taken together can produce an optimum design for an organization.  One must distinguish these aspects of staff function who merely provide services and those that provide standardize performance for all other section of the organization and there is a possibility of the growth of sectional interest which may conflict with the need of the organization and there may not be effective control of the workers.



The study is designed to develop and integrate the knowledge gained in management and to us, this knowledge is to develop an analytical approach on organization structure to facilitate the decision making of the organization.

  • To determine the impact of communication in an organization.
  • To establish the channel of communication in an organization.
  • To ascertain the communication barrier in an organization.
  • To proffer best communication channel for an organization.


This study will be important to both student and members of staff, that is the workers in an organization.  For example on the part of students, it will help them in research related to their field or their study whenever the need arises while the members of the staff in an organization will acquaint themselves with the function and hierarchy of the organization and to know to whom they should go to whenever they have problem.

The organization would be able to improve its channel of authority.  Responsibility and contact within the organization, so as to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the organization.  It is imperative, therefore to achieve the ultimate, therefore to achieve the ultimate purpose of any organization, its members must be well organized and it is equally important that within the organization.  Flexibility is necessary because behavior change.


This write up intend to discus the impact of communication in an organization.  The write will mainly concentrate on how lack of communication could hinder the performance of employee in an organization, how this could be avoided, tips on ways to entrance communication in an organization.
During the writing of the essay, many constraint were encountered, shortage of related literature was the most critical of all.

Time was also another factor, as the limited time available has to be allocated to lecture, assignment and tests.