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This aim of this chapter is  to present the introductory part of this project work sub-divided into the  following sub-headings examples are background of the study statement of the problem etc.


Leadership is an important area in management that occupies a central position in our every dealing with people. One thing among human group is that there is always a leader otherwise the group cannot live to achieve its purpose.

The success in leading a group is contingent upon both leaders ability to hold power effectively and the existence of an opportunistic situation. The problems which results within organizational member disagree on both the nature of the leadership.  Leadership as we use the term in this work refers to behaviour undertaken within the content of an organization that influence the ways in which other organization members behave

It could be observed that leadership and management envisages deeply into what the organization on can achieve if the quality of recognition is   according to them leadership has been propounded to include the sources of influence that are built into position in an organization hierarchy. These include organization sanctioned rewards and punishment authority and also experts power  it could be seen however that subordinates within the organization do not all seem to enjoy the influence that exist all ever the above organizational hierarch provided by their rulers in  the organization.

Leadership is very important in an organization because within leadership there will be no achievement leadership includes the ultimate sources of power but has positive ability in persuading other and to be innovative in decision making. Problems are bound to occur in an organization decision making could sometimes lead to disagreement or conflict but the duty of the leader it to settle every conflict to achieve organizational goals. The mention of leadership at include that help a group to achieve those stated objectives (Bawelas 1960)

In general terms the act of controlling other  people consist of uncertainty reduction which entails making the kind choice that permits the organization to process towards his objective   despite various kind of internal and external challenges.

Note that in the society today not only the presence of reward or the incentive appraisal could induce productivity but the feeling  of belongings further expression like is it my father work? They can dismiss me I don’t care

There are some of  the uncountable expression used by Nigerian workers to show there attitude to work. When ever such   expression occurs one will always know that something is wrong some where in the entire system so meaningful economic development growth and self reliance would not be obtained where unsuitable leadership style is in place


Leadership style has become a very crucial area of management. Infact it has attracted the attention of many manageemnt scientist who have actually delved into the difficult task of writing about the subject in the management literature.

Improper leadership qualities within  the organization have a negative impact on the subordinates as well as achievement  of the organization objectives.

The reason for poor productivity level in motor industrial have become a very important  subject of study industrial have become a very important subject of study the face of decorating economic situation  in the country.  It is important to motor industry cause of low productivity and can be adjust if worker are properly directed. There has been unemployment in the country due to the fact that people are going out of business in motor industry due to lack of employee performance. This is another area of concern to the people as it adversely affect the economy then one can ask to what extent do the theories of management developed by western management scholar apply to Nigeria  environment are the theories relevant to Nigeria contest? What is the solution to leadership problem in organization?

The study is set out to investigate the effect of different leadership style in manufacturing firm in order to determine its district impact on the workers performance.  The study will also evaluate the factor of leadership like intelligence initiative and imagination in this case organizaiton with the view to calculating their contribution to attaining organizational objective is will inquire to ascertain the cost favourable leadership lassies faire used in the case of organization to determine it’s influence on management and employees the study also include to investigate the relationship (  positive or negative) between leadership and it’s effect on workers performance.

The study will try to correlate  the leadership style to workers performance in auto star gallery limited to decide the trend and influence of leadership styles on the workers performance


As earlier stated the aim of the work is to determine the impact of leadership styles on worker performance. The specific purpose includes:

  1. To critically evaluate the nature of leadership styles as effect workers performance is auto star gallery limited Emene Enugu
  2. To ascertain the relationship which leadership styles has on workers performance
  3. To note the various factors which affect leadership and their styles in the organization.
  4. To recommend to the company and similar organization the various leadership (s) that they should adopt to attain corporate purpose

 1.4         SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The study will help in assessing the effect of leadership styles on workers performance. It is limited to the staff of auto star Gallary limited Emene Enugu. The research survey exclude those in the organization that can either read or write 


  1. Is there any effective and efficient leadership styles existing in auto star Gallary limited?
  2. How does this leadership styles effect workers performance?
  3. Is there any relationship existing between the present leadership style and the workers performance?
  4. Is there any factor affecting the present leadership of auto star Gallary limited?
  5. Is there any solution is to ensure effective and efficient  leadership style in auto star Garllary limited.

 These above questions have been designed


The significance of the study is basically a definite scope which will help elicit all the problem and effects of each different leadership styles also it will assist in high lighting how management and employee react under strengthened conditions.

In addition all the mentioned  and determined effects problems and solution will be critically style to today’s manager who may be willing to employ a particular leadership style. It will proffer suggestions on situation that will require certain leadership styles to succeed.

Finally the research will assist future researchers in carrying out their study.


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