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          The staff – customer relationship is a contractual relationship. Staff are the most important channel of communication, the outsider’s opinion of the organization will be based almost entirely on the staff he knows or encounters and whereby the employee is inefficient or surly, that will be his (i.e. customers) image of the organization.

          On the other hand, in any business where products or service are sold or rendered, the customer is the key success. Many years ago, one ofAmericasgreatest Merchant, Marshall Field expressed the whole principles of customer relation in a few words, - the customer is always right.

          Customer can make or break any commercial enterprise, if they are pleased with what they buy and happy about their treatment, they will continue to buy and tell their friends, but if the product, service or treatment is unsatisfactory, the customer will not only stop buying but also will tell their friends and acquaintance about the unhappy experience.

          Staff relations with customers are often as much as a management problem as public officer because every organization wants to create an image for itself. Good staff-customers relationship goes hand in hand, it is difficult indeed to draw a line between them because staff has repeated contract with the public. The contact provides the best means for two-way communication. They permit an exchange of question and answers thus providing an opportunity to explain and to persuade. They also make it possible to offend or err.

          The general public had anticipated that by now, the picture of the staff customer relationship especially in the banking sector should have been pretty and n ice to behold, at least in terms of services, attitude to work and more importantly in the upholding and upliftment of the basic principles, norms and ethics in the daily practices of the contract relationship.

          Oral and written evidence seems to at least to the continued fall in the standard of staff customer relationship and its affect on the organization’s image.

          It is to appraise the extent to which the system has lives up to expectation in their system and other related area that prompted me into the research work.

          The United Bank for Africa Limited (UBA) on which this research work is based, originated fromBritainandFrance. The British and French Bank Limited itself, metamorphosed fro BNCL,Paris(Bangue national Pude Commerce et’l Industric) established in 1982. The Bank officially opened to business in December 1949 with a staff strength of twelve.

          In 1960, the Bank went public in accordance with the policy and intention of the French owner of the bank to sell of some of their shares to Nigerians. On February 1961, the United Bank for Africa Limited with incorporated to take over the assets and liabilities of the British and French Bank and was officially opened for business under the new name onOctober 3, 1961.


There appear to be no evidence more conclusions about the less cordial staff customer relationship than the public outcry about the poor services offered in the banking industry. Particular disturbing is the fact that as years roll by, the outcry continues to mount height.

          In the light of the bout, the researcher is constrained to identify and make the following attempt to find out why Bank staff possess nonchalant and carefree attitude toward their customers. Counter service of the banks are not only delaying and frustrating but also lack courtesy and orderliness and human relations.

          To find out the reason for discrimination, favoritism, dishonesty, to know why the banks are characterized by inadequate infrastructures. To find out why the average Nigeria Banks customer is not only careless but always in a hurry and fraudulent minded. To know why forgery and fraud have become the article in trade of Commercial Bank (U.B.A).

1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The main purposes of the study are:

To find out or identify the major area of difference between the principle, norms and ethics in the actual practice of the staff customer relationship in UBA.

To identify the problems experienced during staff customer contracts and transactions.

          To appraise the extent to which these problems have militated against improvement in staff customer relationship.

          To review the physical handicaps militating against the effective actualization of the bank staff-customer relationship.

          To evaluate the extent to which commercial bank have succeeded in dispensing their services to their customers.

          To ascertain the extent to which the bank staff-customers relationship in uplifted in the state and UBA in particular.

          To suggest avenues and methods of improvement to the identified problems and in so doing, to further give an insight into this sector of our economy for its future use of professionally qualified and skillfully trained personal in furthering the banks staff-customer relationship.

1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study titled the Impact of Staff Customer relationship on the organizational image – a case study of United Bank for Africa Limited could have been extended to cover the nation as a whole and beyond but because of the short period with within which the study would be completed and also attitude of people. It is common knowledge that top executives of most companies inNigeriado not give pertinent answer to question easily for reason of secrecy. The researcher is therefore anticipating some kind of unwillingness to give all the necessary answers that will be required from question, the project researcher is compelled to limit the scope of the study to UBA Ltd. Enugu.

          And also the researcher usedEnugubecause it is the capital ofEnuguStatewhere the headquarters is located. For reason,Enuguwill experience large turn out of customers in their branches.


The following research questions are formulated. What are the major area of difference between the principle norms and ethics in the actual practice of the staff.

          Is there any problem experienced during staff-customer contractor or transactions.

          To what extent had these problems militated against the effective actualization of the bank staff-customer relationship?

          Is there any avenue or methods of improvement to the identified problem.


Based on the problem statements, the researcher

Proceeds to formulate the following hypothesis, which will be tested in the course of the study.

          Problems of poor counter services do not bring problems of poor counter services and other services do not exist. Management is the banks low performance, management is not the cause of the banks low performance.


It has been said that the ultimate aim of any organization is to obtain or attain success by way of achieving its objectives, in view of the above statement, there is need for organization growth, and order in our commercial banks especially (UBA LTD), which has been described as the product of the relationship between staff and customers. This contractual relationship that exists between staff and customer has some problem that at times hinder the performance of the bank staff and this research work will significantly solve these problem in properly identified and understood way which will go a long way towards reducing areas conflict and tension between the staff and customers.


The study is about the Impact of Staff-Customer Relationship on the organizational image. United Bank for Africa Ltd will be studied to attain the objective if this research.

          The limitations of this study mostly are as follows:


Issuing and distributing of questionnaires cost money, this means of transportation to UBA headquarters is exorbitant, money is always needed for stationery, for typing and binding the project.


A work of this nature needs time, therefore more time is needed for a better insight into the work is a detailed study is to be made.

1.9            DEFINITION OF TERM


Conceptual Definition

Establishment for keeping money and valuable safety.

Operational Definition

United bank for Africa Limited where money valuable are kept safely



Group of assistants, I working together in a business or organization etc responsible to a manager or person in authority.



Any person that transacts business or is being rendered service by an establishment or a time.



Connection between one thing person, idea, etc and another.



          In an article in the (July/August 1997) issue of Harvard Business review, w.p marquies defined “mage means the perception of the company by these publics. Also image in the picture of company’s audience have of it determined by all a company’s action


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