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Management Information System (MIS) is a planned computer based system designed to provide management with a continual flow of information relevant to it’s specific decision areas.  It is a continuing interacting structure of people, equipments and procedures to gather, sort, analysis, evaluate and distribute pertinent, timely and accurate information for use by management decision makers to improve their management planning implementation and control.

          It is based on this planned computer based system that managers in the banking industry tend to improve the services they rendered to their customers.

          The world as a whole has become one global village as a result of information technology and in a bid to adapt to the constant changes with the improvement in science and technology, the banking industry have seen the need to also change their mode of operation in order to keep abreast with the current practice and to effectively face the constant challenges experienced in business.

These  changes and challenges goes along with the dynamic nature of the business environment, which is the key determinant factor of the success and failure of any business.  In the light of this dynamic nature of business, customers have a lot of expectation from banks in the way they render their services.  This growing expectation prompt the banking industry into the use of management information system to smoothen their performance and the improvement of services rendered to customers. 

Today, there are lots of challenges in the banking industry characterized by constant changes in customers needs as well as competition. Different banks strive towards achieving or being the major controller of customer’s patronage in the entire industry.

Thus, in a bid to compete favourably and effectively, some banks has to adopt new methods of operation currently practical all over the world.

Within the wider world, mankind has found himself entrapped in what is regarded as computer age which is the use of computer in diverse area of human endeavour.  Due to computer network, on-line information, electronic banking and fund transfer services, it is easy for one to transact bank business including cashing of money.

In some banks, people some times spend nearly the full working day in order to collect their money.  However, if such bank computerized their services, it will taken them much less time to serve their customers, thereby reducing the man-hour wasted by personnel which will enhanced productivity.

In Management Information System (MIS), the use of computer in performing administrative function enhances the creation of files in the computer memory such as account, accounts reporters covering receipt of payments income, expenditure, balance sheet and security reports files.  There is no doubt the banking industry would have a perfect control of their business without paying too higher premium in terms of time with the computerized analysis and presentation of the information in these files.

Planning in any organization is the availability of adequate and accurate information.  Therefore, organizing a raw diverse data in such a way as to present itself in an easy to digest manner for quick and easy decision taken would involve the processing of these raw data in an efficient means.

          Today, the most efficient means of performing this exercise is through the use of computer based management information system, which contains the operational data based management system that ensures that records are kept up to date and made available on demand to those who need them for planning and operational purpose.

Therefore, for any corporate organization or industry like the banking industry to be effective and successful in their operation, there must be availability of adequate and reliable information about their customers, what they need and how to satisfy this needs.  Absence of effective management has led to the collapsing of some banks in the country.

Despite the awareness and availability of Management Information System (MIS), these are still some lapses as regard the quality of services some banks rendered to their customers such as time wasting, delay in sorting out of customers data, inability to access customers account as a result of computer breakdown etc.

Based on the above information, the researcher is motivated to examined the extent to which Management Information System (MIS) can be use to improve customer services in the banking industry with emphasis on Inter-Continental Trust Bank Plc Enugu.

 1.2            STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

The introduction of management information system has brought about changes in the business environment as well as well as the banking industry, but inspite of this there are still areas in which it has not been fully utilized in carrying out banking operations in the banking industry.

There are still some banks in Nigeria were data processing and executive of transaction are done manually, at times, customers account cannot be accessed due to computer breakdown inability to go-on line, delay in collecting or sorting out of customer’s data, undue delay in collecting money from the bank and sometimes the activities of fraudsters.

The above factors have created a negative patronage from public savings and other transactions through the bank.  This has resulted to loss of revenue for some banks as well as customers in terms of services rendered to them.

 1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

This research work is aimed at discovering means by which management information system (MIS) can be used to improve customer services in the banking industry.  This will serve as a basis for improving the present system of operation and the quality of services rendered.

An improved computerized banking operation has a great advantage of improving the quality of services rendered to customers, which will smoothen the performance of the various department of the bank.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the possible impact of computerization of banking operation such as:-

  1. Speed of transmission
  2. Accuracy/adequacy of management decision making
  3. Improved management functions
  4. Security
  5. The effectiveness and efficiency of the banking operation
  6. The extent of computer fraud in the bank

 1.4            RESEARCH QUESTIONS

To guide this study, research question are hereby formulated for proper direction which are:-

  1. To what extent with the use of management information system improve customer service in the banking industry.
  2. To what extent is the efficiency in the use of computer in the bank?
  3. What is the level of security against fraudsters in the bank?
  4. What are the measures taken in terms of customer’s satisfaction?

 1.5            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Although this study covers all commercial banks, but the work is limited or focused on inter-Continental Trust Bank Plc, 5 Okpara Avenue, Enugu. With a view on using management information system to improve customer service in the banking industry.


The study is limited based on the following factors which are as follows:

1.       Time factors:-      The time allocated for this study is short based on the fact that is work is one of courses offered by the researcher in this final year.  Time has to be allocated to all courses proportionately so as to facilitate the completion of the study.

2.       Finance:-    One of the requisites for a successful research is the availability of fund to carry out the research.  As at the time of this study, the research could not arise sufficient fund needed or required for the study due to some financial constraints.

3.      Respondents:-      Information given by the respondents may not be valid as they might not disclose certain information for reasons best known to them.


The outcome of this study can create the much needed awareness of using management information system to improve the performance and effectiveness of banks.

On completion of this study, the management of inter-continental bank is expected to take advantage of the suggestions and recommendation that will be made so as to fully embrace the utilization of management information system for proper management of the bank in terms of planning, decision making, services rendered and for other operational purposes.

Also, it is expected that the result of this work will restore to some basic areas in which the bank have not been using management information system.

 Efficiency and effectiveness are terms associated with any industry.  A bank cannot compete favourably with other well-known banks in the banking industry without, having its operation computerized.  This is because the success of any bank lies on the computerized operation of their banks, which gives them edge or put them ahead other banks in terms of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the bank should computerized its operation in other areas such as computer network, on-line information (electronic banking) and fund transfer services in other to join the new of success experienced by the fast growing banks within the banking sector.


a.       Management information system:- This is the creation of a computer data base containing the operational data of an establishment.

b.      Information technology:-       This is the collection and gathering, recording, storage, processing and communication information using a micro-electronic based combination of computer and telecommunication technologies.

c.       Service:-      These are intangible activities which provide want satisfaction.


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