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There are many inputs which an organization need in the production of good or products these input include raw material personnel or the human labors seem to be the most important. This is because, the human labour or personnel is not so easy to get just as you can purchase other factor of production. Successful selection of these personnel for an organization requires the organization to match the ability of the job candidate with the need of Emenite Asbestos. Based on this organization are now faced with the problem of by decision.

           Whichever way an organization may chose its own decision, ie Emenite Asbestos Nigeria limited, selection of these worker still requires some method which can be either through application reference, interview and testing of all these job interview seems to be the most popular and widely used. Almost all the worker in Emenite Asbestos Nigeria limited are hired through interview. The reason for this is that it is eeriest to ask someone a series of question than to develop a test such as an ability test. Again interviewing makes the selection process more personal and give the interview a general knowledge of the appliance and help him asses if the interview is high person for the job.

Therefore, the selection of a new person requires careful thought to ensure that this person will fit into the company structure and be an effective member of the firm. The selection interview property carried out play a tremendously importance part in selecting the most suitable candidate for the job. There is no room for error Emenite Asbestos Nigeria Limited which has been carried with an unsuitable or difficult employed know only too well the upset if can cause, the cost of being landed with a “dud” are high and it is often difficult to discharge him.

 The assessment of a person qualities and potential, before he is appointed, can never be precise or truly accurate.  But the use of a multiple type of interview or selection method is more likely to produce the best results.

The purpose of this research work therefore is to expose to companies, the dangers of selecting wrong the skill, techniques and characteristic required in any interview and the benefit therein.


An interview is the purposeful exchange of ideas the answering of question and communicating between two or more person as given by sloth clothier and Spirogel (1961). Digastrics interview is probably the most important step in the whole selection procedure for all the relevant information is brought into focus at that point often, the final decision to hire an individual is made during that interview. The factor of aptitude, proficiency, and personally, as measured by energy drive, social adaptability emotional control and conscience are related to an employee productivity. These subject should be openly discussed during interview primarily, the interview seeks to ascertain the applicant level of majority, ability to preserve, and degree of self-discipline.

 Research (Sgyiaha, 1961) has shown that decision made by individual interview is unreliable because of the market difference between the evaluation of the same applicant by two or more interview.

The problem is that an interview is an occasion for which the interview should be prepared to eliminate subjective view and promote objectivity. There are many problems that can afflict a selection interview

These problems are as follows:

(A)   Rapport between the board and the candidate is difficult if not impossible

(b)   The candidate’s behavior may not be typical of his conduct under more normal kind of stress.                                  

(c)    The interview are hardly expert because they are usually picked to represent interest

(d)    With such larger number, it is very difficult for the chairman to agree and control an interviewing plan.

(e)   Rival ices and disagreement among member of the board often appear, putting the candidate in a bad position for a board to have adequate knowledge of the requirement

(f)    The final assessment of the interview is difficult

(g)  Difficulties of the interview in assessment inexperience nature of the interviewers. Then how through what mean can their selection be more effective? And what are the thing needed for one to easily recognize them?


From all that has been written above, it is the aim of this study to take an insight in Emenete Asbestos Nigeria Limited and study the approach of the indecstrices in selection process.

  1. To find out the mistakes in personnel selections and the dangers of not applying the appropriate technique of job interview.
  2.   To identify how this research work will help other researchers and student in the business field to develop knowledge in their discipline.
  3.   To determine how proper qualified and suitable staff will be selected in an organizations leading to a huger productivity in a company.
  4. To identify the method to use in job interview to make sure the right candidate for the job selected.
  5. To identify problems encounter by the personnel department.


1    What is the actual effect of wrong employee in a company occupying the wrong seat?

2   Do the interview has problem in the conduct of the interview?

3    What type of selection method was used

4  Do your organization interview occasions is one of the problem, how does it really affect the successful conduct of interview?

5 If focusing on the interview occasion is one of the problems, how does it really affect the successful conduct of interview?

6  In your opinion, do you feel that non-compliance with laid-down procedure for selection constitutes a problem to productivity?

7   Do you undergo any employment test?

8   What do you think are the strategy of Job interview?           

9  Is there any other way by which selection process can be obtained?

10  What selection process or method did the professional used?


No good research is without benefits; this study will or is not an exception.  The study will be of great benefit to Emenite Asbestos Nigeria Limited in determining the degree of efficiency of Job interview, in introducing a way of selecting suitable workers in an industries.  It will enable the company to make comparison with other tools of selection process and determine which one will give desirable result if effectively and efficiently used. 

 Since the success and efficiency of the organization depends on housing the right person in the right job with the right attitude of mind,  therefore the need and purpose of this study is to acquaint management of industries both private and public with the importance of job interview, so that industries will benefit as proper, qualified and suitable staff will be selected into their organization, leading to a higher productivity, hence workers satisfaction will be encourage growth in the companies development.

Beside, the study will help managers of companies as it will point out to them some of the mistakes to be avoided in personnel selections and the dangers of not applying the appropriate technique of job interview.  And lastly the study is also aimed at helping other researchers and students in the business field as the project will acid to their knowledge in the discipline.


This study is restricted toEnugumetropolis where a survey of the Emenite Asbestos inEnuguwho use job interview as a way of selecting suitable worker in an industry will be carried out.

This study evaluates the performance of selection process with particular qualification of the employee.


Due to certain factors which the researcher has as a student, such as this factors.  Lack of money, scarcity of statically data and information, the moral sample of the study was not used.  The researcher has therefore used only Emenite Asbestos Nigeria Limited as the case study and so this may affect the result of the study.

The reader should therefore take note.


  1. PERSONNEL:    These are the applicant needed to be recruited into the industries.
  2. MATCH:   Comparing employees with the job specification
  3. HUMAN RESOURSE: The personnel’s (workers) inputs that is required for production
  4. INTERVIEW OCCASION:  Certain thing or behaviours that takes place during interview


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