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Communication is as old as the existence of human society, since no one can exist without interaction with other person.

The early men communicated to one another in different ways at both close and distant places.

They communicated to each other through words, symbols, gestures, music, dance, sands, green leave, eye contact, and handshake, signs like drum signals, town criers, body language and bush burning.  This was the process being used to win the attention of people being communicated to and also the process to secure the favorable dispositions.

The use of communication in the early days and that of the present modern is almost the same.  The difference only exists in methods and the application of communication to the business world.

Explicit definition and theories of communication were not duly proposed until the 20th century.

It was from this that people in consuming would now become more and more demanding.  They needed to be communicated about work policies and daily job routines.

The second stage of communication came up in 1900s, when real efforts were been given to the study of communication, in trying to understand what communication is all about, how it happens and to improve upon it.  Communication has proved to be a necessary key to understanding person in today’s complex world.

Communication in the office has been described as something concerned with the creation, interpretation, transmission and the use of information.  Communication is the “give” that holds business together, for without communication the managerial functions of organizing, leading, planning and controlling which could not be performed.  The objectives that are been set out in planning are been communicated so that the appropriate organization structure can be devised.

Over the years, the important of communication in organized effort has been recognized by many authors.  Bernard (1938:2-3) viewed communication as the means by which people are linked together in an organization to achieve common purpose, which is the fundamental function of communication.

 Indeed, group activity is impossible without communication.  This is because co-ordination and change cannot be affected.  It also relates the enterprise to its external environment through information exchange, manager became aware of the needs of customers, the availability of supplies and the concerns of a community.

It is no exaggeration to say that communication function is the means by which organized activity is unified.  It is also the means by which behavior is modified, information is made change is affected, productivity and goals achieved.

The transfer of information from one individual to another is absolutely essential, when considering a family or a business enterprise.

Having seen all this function of communication one will then wonder what communication group is all about.  To the mind of the researcher, it is simply a breakdown, failure of communication or non-communication.

To establish what communication gap is, Imoh (1985:3) in her lecture define communication as a dynamic process in which man consciously or unconsciously affects the cognitions of another through materials or agencies used in symbolic ways.

The word affects plays an important part in her definition, hence a letter that is not delivered by the post office is not truly a communication, because it does not affect the intended recipient.

The undelivered letter instead represents a communication attempt.  Therefore, in order to communicate there must be an impact upon the receiver.

It can be seen clearly now that communication gap exists when there is a breakdown in communication or failure to communicate.

Breakdown in the communication process are said to cause divorces, was business failures, radical problems and other problems to numerous to mention.   In any organization, there are endless places where communication gap can be costly, if not  disastrous.  It is therefore, not surprising to say that failure to communication  or poor communication is often named the culprit when any organizational problem arises.

Non- communication may be the cause of the problems, but sometimes only a symptom of a more complex problem, which can be used for other problems. Good communication is not a panacea for all organizational problems.  Thus, communicating is a very important skill required in the management process and its significance cannot be understated.

Mintzbery (1973:38) established that communication occupies between 50 and 90 percent of that the managers time, however, a research carried out by Weber et al 1975:6 revealed that as much as seventy percent (70%) of all business communication fails achieve their intended purpose.

 Brief History of Udi Local Government Area.  

Udi Local Government Area is one of the Local Government Area in EnuguState.  The Chief Executive is tenure of three year term, to rule and regulate the affairs of the local government area under the supervision of the staff government.  The local government council has different departments under the supervision of the chairman; such departments include administrative department, accounts department, works department, agricultural department, educational department, inspectorate department and revenue collection department.  The local government source of fund is mostly from the federal government allocation, also there are internet generated revenue with the locality of the local government.  Example of such sources is from shops in Orie Obinagu market, 9th mile markets and 9th mile motor parks.

 Most of the brewery firms in EnuguStateare located at 9th mile corner, been mostly the major source of internal generated revenue for the local government.


It gives any right thinking person particularly the research, a lost of concern to observe that having spout many years, coupled with moral and financial contribution to build up an enterprise, one could not realizes or achieve the purpose or goal of the organization as result  of communication gap or breakdown in communication process which are said to cause divorces, radical problems, wears, business failures and many other business problems.

1.       It is however further disheartening to recollection that communication has been estimated to occupy between 80 and 90 percent of business communication fail to achieve their intended purpose.

2.   It is a burden on the mind of the researcher to find out the truth the allegation made by some staff in many officers and in different establishment that their job productivity are odiously affected as a result of important or non-communication.

3.       The research is therefore aimed at looking into and identifying that causes and effort of communication gap or failure of communication in office administration.

4.       To make recommendation as to ways of finding a lasting solution to the causes and effects of communication gap in office administrative efficiency.


Since communication gap hinders human resources management in any government, public and private business organization, this study will make a positive perception of good and effective communication as to report on the causes and effect of communication gap.

1.   Means and ways necessary to prevent communication system shal  be recommended.

2.       The research believes that this research project will be of immense help to the administrative staff of this great nation.

3.       The research finding will be made known to the management and staff of Udi Local Government, which this research has a particular reference also to other similar local government.

4.       A lasting solution to any problem which might exist as a result of communication gap in the administrative set up shall be recommended.


The scope of this research is limited to Udi local government,Enugustate,Nigeria.  This project focuses and concentrates on communication gap, its cause and effect in office administrative efficiency


To guide this project work, there researcher question were formulated to ensure clarity

1.       Does communication gap has any effect in office administrative efficiency 

2.       It communication gap or non-communication a constraint to administrative efficiency in the office

3.       Does poor communication service render communication void between management, staff and its customers.

4.       Is efficiency of the office manager cause communication breakdown in the office administration?

5.       Does lack effective telephone link with various office retards progress of work.

6.       Does breakdown in communication adversely effects the workers job productivity.

7.       Does communication gap exist because the manager does not know how to communicate with his/her subordinate?


The researcher is particularly interested in choosing this topic for research project because of the united roles good communication play our society, family government, church or public and private organizations. The researcher is mostly concerned with the adverse effects which communication breakdown will course on our industries public solution is not provided.  The researcher has the desire to introduce the practice of a good communication service and its importance to Udi Local Government council and also to all other similar local government on  this country. One of the most significant this about communication is that it always involves two people a sender a receiver.   The sender cannot communication alone without the receiver who completes the act of communication process.  A direct who sends out hindered of bulletins but without receiving and reaching of the bulletins, but without reading of the bulletins there will be a non communication.  This makes its more necessary for the introduction of good and effective communication on system into our various organization to enhance co-ordinate result.


COMMUNICATION:  Using of new information feeling to others, also the act of impacting knowledge.

GAP: Unfilled space, break or opening in a wall, wide separation of ideas.

 OFFICE:    A room used as a place of business for administrative work.  A doors office working in office as a clerk.

ADMINISTRATION:  Management of affairs, especially public affairs, government policy.

EFFICIENCY:    State of being able to perform duties will, state or quality of producing a desired or satisfactory result.

GLUE:       Hand brittle substance made by boiling lindens and bones, used whom softened by heat for joining (especially woods) thing.

RECIPIENT:      Person who receivers.

 NON-COMMUNICATION:  Lack of communication lack of impacting knowledge, news and information.


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