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Vehicle Registration in campuses began many years ago and the records have been essentially manual which in turn has not helped to raise the efficiency of general automotive services in recent years. However, computerization has helped in many areas of life and according to security operatives in Nigerian Turkish Nile University, the thought of computerization of this operation will become of great importance in order to wipe out the manual data processing system from which many complications have originated. The problems, which have engulfed the objectives of motor vehicles registration within the school campus and on Nigerian roads generally, are extensively discussed in this project together with the new method that was innovated. This work is conducted towards the computerization of the various problems in processing data in order to identify the various problems that are being encountered in the registration of vehicles manually. This theory also compares the existing system with the new system and a faster way of processing data and the problem faced by customers when they are registering their vehicles.

Recent emphasis on information and data processing in most of our business has grown adversely as in the case of motor vehicle license and plate registration. In as much as motor vehicle registration has been in existence for ages now, the old system of registration has been in adoption which did not play a significant role on campus students’ safety until the development of the new system of vehicle registration where a reflective sheeting which is more visible to read even in the dark. This new system of motor vehicle and plate number registration, which is the main focus of this project, came into existence nationwide on the 19th March 1997 and handled by the motor licensing officer. It was introduced to enforce strict compliance to traffic rules and regulation as well as providing a proper data as to the behavior of road users. The roles, which the introduction of computer system will play in this function, will include; efficiency, effectiveness and improved competence.


Car registration is a legal necessity that not only applies to Nigerian citizens as a whole but to students of Nigerian Turkish Nile University. A vehicle registration plate is the plate (usually referred to as the license plate) that is attached to motor vehicles or trailers for I.D purposes. But the necessity of vehicle registration in the school campus only insures the operations of vehicle owners in the school campus and to keep proper record and check on them by the security operatives. But generally in Nigeria, depending on the state the car is registered, the car will have a certain amount of numeric characters. In Nigeria, it is a federal law that all cars be registered once per year. If the car is not registered then there is the possibility of receiving a large fine and/ or jail time depending on the circumstances.

Nationwide, car registration is basically the proof or the evidence that you have paid the taxes and fees that having a car comes with to have it on the road legally. Car registration needs to occur for any and all of your motor vehicles that are driven on public property. Registration is tied in with your insurance and your title and it is a fee that must be paid on an annual basis. Car registration is calculated according to a number of different factors, including the car’s age, make and model. Registration for newer cars is typically higher than registration for older cars. Car registration on campus can occur only once, while car registration must occur every year according to the federal law, many states have different requirements according to how they go about the registration process. Registering a vehicle in the owner's name notifies the state of ownership of the vehicle and provides the necessary documentation for the issuance of state license plates and tags to be affixed to the vehicle. Operating a motor vehicle that is not properly registered is usually an offense punishable by fine or IMPRISONMENT. Within most states, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or an office of the Secretary of State is the proper entity for registering vehicles. While all states are different and they all require different documentation upon registering your car, the most common documents needed are the title and the proof of insurance.

Motor licensing office Abuja only focuses on vehicle registration and inspection, and not on other supporting services such as vehicle tracking, monitoring of drivers and vehicles operations and documentation of both accident and crime report.


Vehicle registration in the school campuses burdened applicants by requiring them of personal registration and other documents. Vehicle Registration used to involve manual recording information, which ranges from cars to buses and later to trucks and heavy duty equipment on ledgers and tracking other related information such as registration, road worthiness test certificates, change of ownership, engine and chassis numbers; and expiration of road license. This process has been extremely inefficient and the recovery of the information was not possible once ledgers were damaged or lost as it frequently occurs.

The introduction of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is a very significant aid in this research. It is an image processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates without direct human intervention. It allows users to track, identify and monitor moving vehicles by automatically extracting their number plates. It is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition on images to read the license plates on vehicles. Automatic recognition of vehicle license plate number became a very big importance in our daily life because of the unlimited increase of cars and transportation systems, which makes it impossible to be fully managed and monitored by humans. With the development of transportation modernization, the technology of license plate auto recognition has been deemed as an important technology. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a mass surveillance system that captures the image of vehicles and automatically extract the number from the images of the vehicles’ license plates. Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is an important part of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Intelligent Traffic Management System. ANPR system captures vehicle images through a roadside camera and interpret the segmented characters present therein using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system to get the license number of the vehicle. The ANPR is widely used for detecting speeding cars, security control in restricted areas, unattended parking zones, traffic law enforcement, scrutinizing vehicle theft, electronic toll collection, automatic parking facilities etc.


There are problems that are being encountered within the school campus and there has been a gross increase in crime cases with many cars on the road today that are breaking the law. Some of these are:

(i)    Participation of Unauthorized Officers: Unauthorized officers are involved in campus work especially in the registration of illegal vehicles which can encourage fraud within the school environment.

(ii)   Wrong Charging of Fees: The security in-charge is bound to charge a wrong bill to vehicle owners, which may be as a result of underassessment or over assessment of vehicles. This could be with motive to commit fraud or as a result of mistake on the part of the security personnel at work.

(iv) Improper Accounting: There is the tendency of the cashier involved in the handling of income generated to make mistake during this process, thus having some measures of inaccuracy in the work.

(v)  There is difficulty at times in tracing a record/information cautioning a vehicle owner due to improper conduct such as wrong drive way, reckless driving, wrong parking, crime scene presence, etc.

(vi) Mental/Manual Labor: This involves the use of strength and Brain and the body. The officer in-charge goes through mental labor because he has to sort the records of the entire school vehicles in his domain of jurisdiction. He suffers from Manual labor because he has to write all the way.

(vii)      Excess Time Consumption: There is excessive time consumption because the motor licensing officer has to write and enter the information of the vehicle after the person whose vehicle is to be registered has paid a prescribed amount of money to the school licensing authority accompanied with duly completed application, depending on the type of vehicle.


As stated in the statement of the problems, the things that stand as a puzzle in the manual system of campus motor vehicle registration aims at introducing a better system which is the computerized system that will contribute in providing solution to the problems.

To reduce the amount of time spent in registration of motor vehicle and information for all the student and staff vehicle owners within and off campus.

To ensure a very high level of accuracy during registration of certain vehicle or category of vehicles that are prone to errors in the manual system.

To develop a system that will allow for the generation and assignment of an infinite identification mark or number (that is, the vehicle plate number).

  1. To replace the manual system of registration with a computerized system that will make registration simple and easy for campus security officers and vehicle owner.
  2. To provide restriction of illegal access of this program. Therefore, password will be created for the application software. This password will just be limited to the officer in charge of the work.
  3. This also aims at giving an up-to-date report of the revenue generated from vehicle registration within a defined period.


The application of this study is a must for any school that wants to be Information and Communication Technology inclined and ready to reduce the vehicle crime rate and corruption in her system. The scope of this study should be for Nigerian Turkish Nile University, Abuja.


In as much as the researcher has so many areas where one could have covered for a wider generalization of result. Some factors have posed as an obstacle to this and some of these constraints are as follows:

i.      Finance: This contributed in the researcher’s project research since there was much money exhausted in moving to and fro to gather facts for this work.

ii.     Time: As students where probably involved in schoolwork like writing of assignment quizzes and other engagements.


Due to the constant rise in technology, it is necessary to use computer to Process voluminous data within a short period of time or at an incredible speed. This project is to help provide the school with efficient, effective and improved competent tracking of vehicle license, plate number and other related activities. The importance of this study includes:

i.      To expedite the efficiency of principal licensing officer in the processing of vehicle registration documents.

ii.     To develop a method that will allow easy storage and retrieval of vehicle and owner’s registration information.

iii.   To develop a highly accurate method of generating and assigning plate numbers and how to interpret them.

iv.   To determine the easiest and fastest registration information and missing vehicles.

v.     To enable security agencies find missing vehicles.

vi.   To develop an easy method for generating and assigning plate numbers or identification mark.


One of the major assumptions made in this study work is that manual methods of keeping records are ineffective, time wasting, prone to error and unsecured. It is also assumed that computerized base systems will motivate the staff members to work more effectively and efficiently when registering vehicles and other activities.