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5.0       Summary of Finding, Conclusion, Recommendation and Suggestion for Further Studies
            This chapter presents the summary of the study, draws inferences from findings and makes necessary recommendations that may improve the roles performed by mass media in developing countries, particularly Nigeria.
5.1       Summary
The press has gone a long way in contributing to the growth of the nation, especially the role of Nigerian Tribune. It has gone a long way in ensuring an enabling environment in which many residents of the country have become involved in the process of Nation building. The study which critically examine the “The Role of Press in Nation Building” with references to Nigerian Tribune. The findings in this study is therefore summarized as follows.
First, the impact of Nigerian Tribune has been very vital in the process of nation building in Nigeria.
Secondly, it was realized that the press have been living up to its expectation of engaging the minds of the public in activities that help develop a nation.
Also it was discovered that the government makes use of press effectively to disseminate information to the public.
Lastly, it was discovered that apart from intensifying the efforts of the press government should also do all within its powers to support the press in the process of nation building
5.2       Conclusion
Having analyzed data collected and summarized the findings, it would be right to say that Press play an important role in the development of any nation.
The process of nation building is by no means a small feat and all hands must be on deck to work effectively and efficiently both on the part of the media and the government.
Finally, this research work is aimed at show casing the cvery vital and important role which the press play in the process of nation building, with a view to highlighting the benefits attached to the impact of the press.
5.3       Recommendation
Based on the result of the study the following recommendations were offered:
One, government should pay more attention to the yearnings of the press.
Two, the media should be able to effectively live up to its expectation in the country.
Similarly, government should give all support possible to the press such as funds, information and others, so as to enable the press fully perform its role in the process of nation building.

5.4       Suggestion for further Studies

This study is primarily restricted to students who are studying national development in and around Nigeria. For any researcher who may decide to extend their whims on this research topic could do so, using this project as a base line for information.