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The project focuses on teenage prostitution in secondary school in Ndokwa east local government area of Delta state. The study was carried out in five (50 randomly selected schools call girls street walkers, brothels and some hid-out. The main instrument used for the research was the questionnaire. There hundred questionnaire were administered collected and analyzed, using T-test analysis four research question and hypothesis were formulated to guide the study, relevant literature were reviewed. Survey research designed was employed questionnaire were the instrument used and was validated by the research supervisor the secondary school. Finally the researcher made some statement of recommendation. If implemented will review the homes, school the state the nation and the society at large.



Prostitution is one of the social ill that threatens man’s existence because of its accompanied effects like disease, traumatization of the prostitutes themselves stigma suffered by their family member etc the study has it as its focus on teenage prostitution in secondary school in Ndokwa east local government area which shall be reviewed under the following sub-heading. • Meaning of prostitution • Forms of prostitution/categorization • Client of prostitute • Teenage prostitution • Profile of teenage prostitution • Empirical study of teenage prostitution • Summary of the review of literature 2.1 Meaning of prostitution Prostitution has been with the world for so long through on one can lay claim as to how long. Example abound in the bible when God aroused the Israelites for prostitution and instructed Hossea to marry Gomer a prostitute to the unfaithfulness of the people (Israelites). Kirk Patrick B (2004) refer to prostitution as whoredom whoring, street-working. It is the oldest profession. This attest to the fact that prostitution has being prevailing over time and women has practiced it either for money or pleasure seeking. Word book (2004) sees prostitution as the performance of sexual acts for payment. It exist throughout the word, large of in urban areas. Most prostitutes are women though prostitutes include men and children. Some prostitutes work for themselves while some work for pimps or madams. Encyclopedia Britonnica (2005) defined prostitution generally as the provision of sexual services for money is illegal. Prostitution is the performance of sexual act with another person in return for the pay or fee. Prostitution involves payment for specific act e.g. a call girl responds to a telephone solicitation to engage in sexual act with a client in his hotel room, and paid for doing so (Encyclopedia America, 2004). According to Ewhrudjakpor C. (1998). Prostitution means sexual relation done on a promiscuous and mercenary basis with no emotional or moral attachment. It further, noted that prostitute make their living by selling sexual favour to any who will pay in cash or in kind. Forms of Prostitution/ Classification Prostitution is diversified and called by various means according to their characteristics. Destinations are between the buyer or girlfriend and prostitutes in the brother than there is the street worker or street prostitution. The waitress in a club: the mass media use who advertise in the daily news paper (also known as modus); the exertive escort (with good cultural up bring); the “non-professionals” who looks for extra money and who, if she advertises herself this way attract certain client. Within the categories prostitution further distinguish among themselves, street workers who are called (“hass”, “whores”, the word rhymes with rose). Ewhrudjakpor (1998) observed that in Nigeria there are five “classes” or categories of prostitutes namely: • Senior babes • Hustler or club babes • Ashewo or Opio • Along the road or street worker • Sharpilee or blood tonic Senior Babes Prostitutes who are “senior babes” are regard in Europe and America as “call girl” there are the aristocrats. They are well educated with even university degrees, expensively dressed and of course most attractive. The most of them have boutiques or are involve in modeling. Hustler or Club Babes These are lower in the five dimension of sophistication aforementioned. Most of these class of prostitutes, do not have tertiary education, their minimum fee is five hundred naira (N500. 00) per night. It is conceivable that some club babes charge lower depending on the bargaining power and possible weather condition. Opio or Ashewo These prostitutes are stark illiterates, most are retired mother are frigid and have reached menopause. They are normally housed by a hotel manager their fee is fixed by the hotel manager in conjunction with the prostitutes. Street walkers Some who looked down upon by all other prostitutes is the “along the road or street walker she solicits customer wherever she can find them. In most cases they strong around gates of hotel that have lodging facilities. This kind of prostitutes can cross the educational starter, from illiterate to university under-graduates. Street walker are temporary. It is when they are broke financially, that they take to the street to look pay. Some even get married in the process, their minimum fee (N 200. 00) two hundred naira (500.00) per night. Sharpilee or “Blood Tonic” The fifth category of prostitutes is a recent phenomenon from 1990 called the “blood tonic or sharpilee. These prostitutes are between the age of 13 and 23 (The amorphous stage of human psychological development. In other words they are adolescent most are still in school. Like their label “Sharpiless” they are very sharp, smart and childish. In the cases they are dressed gorgeously in the latest clothes and shoes. In fact they are prostitutes because they want the latest fat to be in their wardrobe and to entry fleeting youth before the prison marriages. 2.3 Client of Prostitutes The profile or the client or prostitutes need not be overlooked because without them there would not employment for these categories. For there are still many men who begin their sexual life with prostitute. Normally they are pushed by their friends or even their close family member to demonstrate their “manhood”. Among men who are marry, many try to resolve sexual problem within their marriage by going to a prostitute, has its peculiar history and etiology the urges to achieve necessary of life, pleasurable relaxation without necessarily passing through cultural approved process in achieving their social goal led many teenage to prostitution. Adotomere, S. O. (2005) refer to teenage prostitution as prostitution associated with teenagers who give out themselves for sexual intercourse in request for money material gains. The implication of above is that many who go into prostitution do so as a result of financial difficulties. They find no other easy way of acquiring money to alleviate poverty hence they resort t selling of their bodies for monetary gains. Okorodudu J. (2006) that teenage prostitution is relative to the individual groups vulture and time. The concept of time is very important in the acceptance of behavior as normal, so long as norms and values have become dynamic. Teenage prostitution is an act of indulging in sexual acts for financial and material benefit among teenagers. Teenage prostitution is relative not merely to establish social laws but also to generate practice (Agular, I. Garbes it and Morish N. 2004) It is used in relating to an individual behavioural departure from well established norms. These norms rarely state exactly usually attended the public schools secondary education, or sometimes she attended a religious school where rules regulating sex were extremely strict. Empirical Study of Teenage Prostitution Teenage prostitution has attracted to a lot of concern from various researcher and the society in general. This is partly as a result of evil associated with prostitution and its attendant violation of the society norm and value on the other hands these teenagers who involve themselves in prostitution are of the generation the society depend on for its continuous existence and could nt afford to allow them waste. As a result many mother have expressed their view on the topic “teenage” prostitution. According to Carlebach, J. in Morde P.O (2004). She observed in her study of juvenile prostitutes in Nairobi that many of these prostitutes were from inadequate or dispute family background. In a similar study for women escaping prostitution. Promise (1977) stated that 30% at a sample of women in San Francisco catered prostitution at the age of 15 or younger and described themselves as runaways. In a study Ayonumare A. A. (1999) posted that sexual films on our television promotes curiosity and which makes them to carry out the fact of prostitution for the fun of it. He also attributed the member of increasing teenager in school involving in prostitution to poverty which has a strong correlated with the rapid increase in teenage prostitution. Teenagers exposed to pornographic films are likely to try out what they have seen or heard just for the fun at it, (Laidpo A. O. 2002). He also blamed the situation on lack of basic sex education at home and at school; in another study Mackinvon C. A. and Dworkin A. (1997) noted that pornographic has been used as recruitment into prostitution. Adedoyin and Adegoke A. A. (1995) identified child sexual abuse as a precursor to prostitution among 50% of 150 Nigeria prostituted teenagers. Farely and Kelly (2000) reported that researcher and clinical reports have documented the prevailed childhood sexual abuse and chronic fraumalization among prostitutesd women. Form the foregoing; it can be viewed from the opinion of writer that teenage prostitution has its roots from poverty runways from homes, pornography, child abuse self will, parents background etc.

Causes of Teenage Prostitution in Secondary School