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The growth of any organizaiton depends upon the development and utilization of people in it.  The efficiency of an organization whether private or be it public depends to a large extent on how effectively human resource are utilized.  For any organization to attain its desired objective it must seek and obtain the willing co-operaiton of the people it has to work with

Management must work, employ and therefore should develop programmes and policies that will enable them to obtain the best results from the employees

Organizations are being forced to operate in an increasingly completive environment and this places emphasis on the role of management in making the most effective use of human resource in order to meet its objectives.                                               

In the search for organizational effectiveness there is an increasing range of specialized skills to help line managers whether in business public administration or other organizations.  In struggling to achieve objectives of the organization there are a number of “tools” which can help the managers in the execution of work and activities which have to be undertaken in forecasting and planning organizing decision making and control many of these tools will help to solve the problems affecting human resource development which arises due to complexities in modern business.

However, there are problem affecting human resources development in Enugu North, which discourages an employee from contributing his maximum human potentials, which are necessary to make for higher productivity profitability and growth.

Personnel management has been defined several ways.  It is the field of study that encircles all the activities that are performed form the identification of human resources for employment to the full utilization of people and planning for their retirement the personnel management function involved recruiting selecting hiring developing participation communication motivation and remunerating employees are attained.

The field of management poses many problems and these problems affect human resources development the problem to be discussed in this research includes inadequate selection, recruitment placement training motivation industrial relation communication and other environmental factors that affect human resources development, in the following six departments of Enugu Local Government namely works personnel health 80hal welfare account and finance departments.

For the most efficient possible use of worker’s skill management must be able to decide how when and where the service of each individual are to used.


The problem of this study is to investigate the inhibiting factors affecting the utilization of human resources development in the organizaiton

Human resources development in any business organization has some problems, which proceed from either internal or    external factors.  The problems could be that of ignorance that is unaware of the need or important of   human resources development in an organization as said by beach.

Some of the prevailing socioeconomic problems of the county such as constant labour unrest using unemployment high rate of crimes poor standard of living and even inflation can be attributed to poor labour management relations in most organization.

 1.2            OBJECTIEV OF THE STUDY

The purpose of this study is to investigate the problem affectively human resources development in Enugu North can be improved with a view to recommending solutions that will enhance better employer and employee relationship.

This research work become improtant due to the activities of some organizations who because of the high rate of unemployment in the country think that they can easily get an employee from the thousands of employed whether they are qualified or not this is a misconception because they fail to realize the importance of employing the right caliber of people to fit job  


The result of this research work will help adjust the problems militating against human resources development in an organization and this help to improve the image of the course

The research will provide stable employment equitable compensation desirable working conductions and opportunities for advancement for employees din refuse fro their skill care efforts depend ability and team work it will ensure containing vitality and growth of the company while realizing profit and providing opportunities for public service.

This research work is intended to provide a sound background in theory principle and practice for all those whose careers will require knowledge and skill in organizing leading co-ordination and controlling others also it would not be exclusive for those in staff/ personnel duties but also for those holding positions as staff professional and administrations.

The research will expose the advantages researcher will pay them they were of the opinion that the research will not reach the federal and state government for any corrective measures to be taken.

The scope of the research in Enugu North Local government. The study dealt with the process of finding solutions to the development and training of workers recruiting adequate personnel and their placement into the right jobs.       

 1.4            RESEARCH QUESTIONS

The research questions for this study are:

  1. Can efferent and effective system of human resource development reduces the problem faced by workers of an organization.
  2. Can sources and method of recruitment and selection of interviewers responsible to inadequate personnel in most organizaiton.
  3. Can leadership style determines the organizational climate necessary for either high or low employees productivity.
  4. Do wrong application of industrial relation disintegrates employees   productivity.
  5. Can absence of modern means of communication decrease employee productivity       

 1.5            DEFINITION OF TERMS

1.       Human resources is the totality of the human element involved in production and other activities geared towards achieving the goals of an organization.  It includes the special skill and strength of work force. Human the implications and complications of human resources development so as encourage those organization with such programmes to continue and those without to embark on the programmes.

Finally employees and management of Enugu North Local government will find this study of great use. The work could also serve as a secondary data to future work that could be related to the study.  


There are as always some difficulties involved in producing a work especially of this nature.

In producing this research project the researcher has some problems initially the researcher had financial problems which is the most important thing to consider ever before the research taken off. The writer encountered this problem during the production and distribution of the questionnaires when I was faced with transportation difficulties.

1.Again during the collection of data and interviews some of the employee and their officer failed to realize correct information needed for the analysis some of their workers refused to take the questionnaire and were unwilling to answer the questions that were given to them.  Most of their worker consulted demanded some payment for the questionnaires distributed and wanted to know how much the resources can also be referred to as the manpower of an organization


Development in general refers to an increase in the standard of a particular sphere of life.  Human resources development can be therefore be said to be the increase in the productivity potential of the work force of an organization for goal maximization and cost minimization

3.       TRAINING    

Give teaching and practice to somebody or something in order to bring a desired standard of behavior efficiency or physical condition.


It is term used to qualify the satisfaction, which an employee derives from the job he does such as status


A measurement of the efficiency of production a ration of output to input

6.       MANPOWER

All employees in a organization from the chief executive officer down to the cleaner 


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