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People work generally in order to make moneys food their families and enjoy better condition of live.  Hence, if the perform very well, they will make more than they earn before especially when they have skills and energy to do so.

          Motivation implies incentives and inducements which will make a worker feel more committed to duty and also motivations and employee  performance are vital tools to achieve  organizational goals and objectives

          Motivation can be defines as a way individuals  reacts to any  needs, idea emotion or organic state of action. If is t he driving  resect from the materiel tension that  occurs when the need has not been satisfies. Generally, the definition of motivation is concerned with three feature as follows of motivation is concerned   with three major features as follows

  1. Determination of actions required satisfying the need
  2.   What directs or channels such behavior
  3.     identification of law  this behaviour is maintained or sustained

in the problem sectors it is the duty of the manager to add a little  incentive to motivate him workers for greater performance and higher productivity in the organization. in this context for example. We must have information on the needs people experience or the out come they seek in order to  provide the types of reward they find attraction of the same time, these rewards or incentives must be administered, so that the people are encouraged to engage in the behaviour required by the Organisation. these incentives include. Extra hours bonus at  lowery rate, availability of    basic facility e.g pope borne water, elericity etc car loans which will enhance the prestige and personality of the worker in the society, free health services for the families of the workers, relieve duties and last but not the least job schedules etc.

          then  aspect of employee performance in the organization of should be pointed out that employee’s   performance appraisal is very much dependent on the perceptual process.

          According to Stephen p. Robbins Organizational behaviour said  that an emlopyee future is closely field to his  or her  appraisal promotion pay raises and continuation of employment are among the obvious out come. More also,  Heinz Weihrich et al 1994 “management  a global perspective “said that to succeed in any business organisation whether public or  privator sectors it is important and appropriate incentives high will guarantee optional effective and efficiency for each employee. Effective managers achieve at high level of employee performance with an available resources to vary degree, including  money and other physical as a “resource”  in a relatively incest development and has encounters some resistance who is understandable since people process for greater intrinsic work than either money or  materials

Describing people as a  resource  undresses the fact that they require certain levels of care attention and Coppertone also the practices of management 1961, by Peter Drucker in regard to employee performances  change management with three furutions in order to acquire source productivity  . These functions are  economic  performance, managing manager and managing worker are work. if is assured that man alone of all three resources available to him can  group and develop any public or private sector or organisation . 

          Many mangers regard the management of their subordinates (employee) as fist and  foremost a day to day activity concerned with relation of work, which is compared with competence in the management of inter personal    relationship and  control of   behaviour. White others do not aid they would be loosing thousands of what they suppose to acquire batter productivity.

          In condusion, all these help to motivitate a worker to pat in his or her best effort  to see the success and growth of the organisation. And  also all be the management talking active part in handing these two factor (motivation and employee performance ) their main and objective ill be highly realized ie.  Profit and  high productivity .


On the both of September 1974(eve of 1st October 1974) first television programme were relayed from Aba and became from OB yan, which moved fromEnugu toAba for the that purpose. Transmission continued here often, with a translator station at Umuahia Liking Enugu andAba. In 1976, imo state was created and the state set up the Imo Broadcasting service (IBS), which in addition to  radio service took over the management of the Aba Television Station.

          Subsequently, on 3oth of August 1977,Nigeriatelevision channel 6Abaseparated are formalized  and that very day Nigeria Television Aba Started colour transmission. The NTA channel 6Abahas about 700 are above workers. This reduction was us a result of rationalization exercise  , which took place on 1985 – 1987 in the scale that many were shelled white some were developed. The work of Nigeria television Authority is to make announcements in the radio and television in all are as they are covering like  imo Edo informed of what  is happening in and out side the country. They help advertise  programmes in the television and radio  for people. They cover same programmes life wedding ceremony burial birthday parties etc.

          Formerly the NTA was sited inAbawhen Abia state had not been created although it was supposed   to be mounted at Umuahia. The stage capital of Abia. State but due to the fact that before the creation of Abia  state it was left inAba. The study o motivation and employee performance in the NTA is to know the various needs method and bases adopted by the workers.


Motivation is any influence that brings out direct or maintains people goal directed behaviour. As a manger, your will be responsible for helping employees perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. But  this amount  be fulfilled until you understand what motivates both them and you the manger. To provide a basic under standing of motivation there are three major  factor   that influence motivation. Individual difference , job characteristics and organizational practices. To develop on effective motivation  programme, manages  must consider how these factors interact to affect employee job performance  of course some factors that affect an   employees performances, but neither factor a is within a mangers control Again for an organisation to source if must meet its own need and the workers demand to  ensure  that he right king of employee is attracted, thus  motivation is attracted by its many needs. The question is  can no organisation get the right   kind of  employee motivated for a greater secures. It is based an this fact that this work  seeks to examine the motivation and employee performance in public sector using NTA Aba as a case study.


          There is no significant difference between other performance of motivated  workers and those that are not motivated in the public sector.

Hi : There is significant difference between motivated workers in public sector and those not motivation

Ho:  The impact of motivation is insignificant in organizational productivity.

Hi: Motivation plays a major role in organization productivity.

Ho: Performances of employee in public sector  could be  achieved without motivation .

Hi: Workers performance in public sector could only be achieved through motivation.


                   This study will be of immense help to the management of NTA Aba in the methods to adopt in workers motivation if will also  be of benefit to those who may find themselves as mangers in further and those currently occupying the position  of mangers in terms of motivating the workers in order to bring out the best from them. Finally it is one of the major per-requite for the award of HND in Business Administration.


For the purpose of our study, same of the operational terms or words used will be defined as follows :

(a)   Motivation :- This can be defined as those activities which involves the satisfaction of a  workers desired need and similar forces in other  to induce  them to act in desired manner .

(b)   Employee Performance : The proficiency in accomplishing task in relation to the standard .

(c)  Public sector :- This is all government al organisation  which depends on the government for their capital and revenue and who are accountable to the government.

(d)  Management :- This means  a group of people person contorting a business center which include  directing planning organizing  and controlling .

(e)   Productivity:- This refers to efficiency in industrial productive eg increases in or increase in at  workers perform.


N the  course of carrying this research  the  encountered many problem that could have happened the success of this work. some of the constraints induced the   following finances, time and noon – chalant attitudes of the reponderts  to give adequate information required by the researcher and so if was only limited to NTA Aba .

          FINANCE: This serves as one  of the major impediment in the proess of this research work. for the fact that the researcher is still a student and the financial  strength is limited and thus the gathering of induction is limited only on NTA channel 6Aba,.

          Transportation:- Due to the state of Nigeria’s economy, the researcher being a student could not acquire all that is needed as a result of high transportation

          TIME :For the fact that this work was written when the researcher  was writing the final year examination couples with other academic activities time constitutes an impediment and the information gathered was not adequate.

          Non – CHALANT ATTITUDE OF RESPONDENTS:- Most of the  respondents show non-chalant attitude in finding out the distritanted    questionnaire as a result of fear to disclose the company’s secret and some of the respondent could not fill the questionnaires as at when needed by the researcher.