This world of development that is bellowing through most developing countries depends to a large extent on the active participation of the population. Inspite of governments effort to provide the people with basic amenities and ensure their social and economic well being, the indisputable fact remains that no being the ever been able to satisfy all sections of  the society nor provide the citizenry with all the social and economic needs.  As a result, local development endeavours have become agents for supplementing government effort in these problems.

In other world though government in developing countries do their best to raise the living standard of the people their effort would be useless and  fruitless if people who are to be the recipients of the benefits of development do not support such effort

As a development countryNigeriais best with enormous and economic problems ranging from rate of unemployment poverty hunger inflation armed robbery economic slump low productivity to malnutrition starvation illiteracy poor housing   poor urban sanitation and  general ignorance. It is this bizarre situation that compel local government to mobilize all the human and material resources available to  them towards solving these problems

 In the past the tendency was for the government to be looked upon as a benevolent father who was responsible for development of the rural area and the provision of the basic needs of the people.  But now there is change of attitude and the local or rural areas have come to accept self help and less dependence on government  as their basic strategy for development .this paper is concerned with the effect of local government administration in economic and social development of the country and this study will be based on socio- economic development projects going on in the Idemili local government areas.

This study is aimed at enabling the researcher  to ascertain whether the  local  government are actually fulfilling their obligation to project in the local government areas in terms of grant-in- aid technical and other aids. Since effective and meaningful social  economic development depends on the active participation of the people, the researcher intend to examine their level of participation including the  sources from which money used for financing the project is get

 1.2            STATEMNT OF PROBLEM

Idemili local government Anambra state is one of the local government that suffered form the ravages of ill fatedNigeriacivil war.  On the location of hostilities in 1970 on major problems that stared the people in the local government area in the face was how to grapple with the enormous work of reconstruction and rehabilitation of their battered homes and other social an economic amenities.

To contain these problems it become necessary for the citizenry to be mobilized and made to participate activities in the initiation and  execution of  self help development programmes geared at supplementing government efforts in the attainment of the desired social and economic goals.  To achieve this very hand needed for be on desk. This initiative needed to come from the people themselves of from the individuals.

For the purpose of this study the researcher will confine himself of the following problems.

  1. What are the effects of local government administration in the execution of social and economic development programmes
  2. How  important is this effect of the local government
  3. Are there any problem militating against this effects    

 1.3            OBJECTIVE OF STUDY

The objective of the study of the effect of local government administration in social and economic development will be

  1. To know the effect of local government administration in the execution of socio- economic project
  2. To  be able to know the important of this administration in the successful execution of the project embarked upon .
  3. finally to know some of the factors that militate against administration you and to seek for possible ways of solving the problem 


The importance of this study is that the idea and suggestion it contains will be of immense help to policy markers of the three levels of government inNigeria.

The work  will also be of interest not only to students of business administration but to practitioners in the field of local administration.

The study will also help the local government official and to the community development officer to know where their problems lies and help them to improve on those areas.

Others who will benefits from this study are future researcher and fellow students who may pick up this work from the library.

Since the researcher could have ordinarily gone into be considered invaluable this work expose him to things that could have escaped his  notice.

The last and perhaps the most importance group to whom this work would appear are members of the public who would appeal are members of the general public who would went to see their local government a adopt a more integrated and result oriented approach to rural development the primary objective of the reformed local government system is based on popular participation and involvement 

 1.5            SCOPE AND LIMITATION

The researcher interest in this topic could be attributed to the fact many projects  that are uncompleted and many rural areas have not embarked on any social and economic development projects.

This study is aimed enabling the researcher to ascertain whether local government are activity fulfilling their obligation too projects in terms of grant-in-aid technical and other aid.

Since effective and meaning social and economic development depends on the active participation of the people the  researcher intend to examine their level of participation including the sources form which money used for financing the project is got from the government

It is difficult for the researcher cover all the social and economics development project embarked upon by Idemili Local government area in Anambra state although the researcher have decided to concentrate his study on those major social and economic priority project embraked upon by the people.

This is due to one limitation or another as is common to most studies.  This research work is limited by the fact that there exist some difference between one local government and another due to time constraint, the researcher is enable to carry out a comprehensive study and visit as many local government council as possible as to enable him make a fair judgment.  There is no adequate finding for effective financing  of the research work. The reluctancy of the people form  who information are sort also presents some limitation to the study.

However, in view of the limitations of this study the researcher see his finding as subject to further research.        

 1.6            DEFINITION OF TERMS

The term which is most frequently used to designate efforts provided for the improvement and advancement of Idemili local government  administration which generally emphasis those activities which are aimed at improving and promoting the basic living candidates at the local level.

Literally the term economic and social development convey three ideas-“economic social and development “ and to attempt  a definition of social and economic development its is necessary to consider this ideas separately.

 DEVELOPMENT:       We bester international dictionary defined development as “the are of process of developing, unfolding and unraveling of a plot a gradual growth of advancement through progressive chances.  For the purpose of this study the researcher shall limited and deliberate an social and economic development

 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:   Webster international sees economic development as “a process relating to the production distribution of goods income, pertaining to the economic or system industrial or commercial organization or operation and also pertains to the means of  living or to the  arts by which human needs and comforts are supplied.

 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: It is social phenomenon pertaining to the welfare relationship and living conditions of people living collectively in communities.


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