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Since the inception of Enugu- South Local Government council, there have been constant problems and allegations against the council which are responsible for its inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

Such problems and allegations for range from constant loss of

Funds meant for the having  enough would not have adequate training and qualifications to handle the offices designated to them. Also lack of structure and responsibilities were among the problems militating against the smooth operation of he council, and this led to minor problems which hindered the council form giving effective and efficient services to the populace that depend on them for such services.

            Enugu- South local Government council in effort to reduce the problems has in different occasions sent delegates through its Administrators/ chairmen to state government for help, the state government in response set up committers which looked into problems reported by the local government. Such committers were set up to look into the problems and to render services which will make the council gives effective and efficient services. These efforts of committees and commission were short lived as they ended without long lived benefits.

            The local Government on its won had sent some of its officials on training, to train on those areas where they were deficient without changing the situation, committees and panel to look into fraud, allegations, missing funds and other make administration were set up without getting to the root of its public.

Internal and external auditors have been sought and get no improvement. Through the Enugu-South Local government council efforts both federal and state have sent extra funds in form of grants as well as materials but it has always attracted on personnel.

With all these problems before the Enugu-south local government, the need for this study is eminent. It will suggest better way as to approach these problems facing the councils.


The problem facing Enugu-south local Government council is varied and diverse. They range form problems of efficiency and effectiveness to management, theEnugusouth local government council being a public service organisation constantly under the public eye as a result of increasing evidence of ineffectiveness and also efficiency and poor managerial staff relationship.

            This research is therefore aimed at examining the various problems facing the council tracing the root causes of the problems and suggesting solution to them.


The objectives of this study are:

  1. To examine the kind of relationship existing between the superiors an subordinates in Enugu-state Local Government council.
  2. Identify the extent employees have regard for their work in the councils
  3. To examine whether the effort made by employees are commensurate with their salaries.
  4. To examine the performance of the employees.
  5. 5.                  To identify the problems (if any) that militates against the efficient and effective performance of the council.


Data collection is the major problem encountered in the course of this study .

            Among these were the non-availability of text books required of this study, the few ones could not be given out for two long neither could it be purchased due to high cost attached to them, where they are seen most of the officials of Enugu-south local government council who were in position to give useful information about the council could not do so because of time actor  they would claim to be so busy or too busy or prospone it to another day at their own convenient time which may not be okey for the research.

            On the questionnaire prepared, most people who were approached to fill the questionnaire refused to do so even because of arrest by the police. Some where reluctant filling it while other bluntly refused to help for reason best known to them.

            As a result of this development, a lot of the  questionnaire prepared for the study were not completed, leaving a very few completed ones.

            Finance was a also a delimitation to study as money was needed to frequent visits the council to libraries and other information houses. In most case photocopies were the next best alternative to get home with any of these text books. Despite all this one was able to utilize the available information which is to a long extent contributed to the success of this study.

 1.5            RESEARCH QUESTIONS

In the course of this research work, it is the opinion of the

researcher to pose some research questions based on the objective of the study as follows:

  1. what is the made of appointment of employees inEnugu- south local government .
  2. How do we describe the kinds of relationship existing between superiors and subordinates in Enugu-South Local Government?
  3. To what extent can it be said that workers have regards for their work in the council ?
  4.    How can the present performance of the council be rated?
  5. To what extent can it be described that the effort made by employees in the council is commensurate with what they get?


The choice of Enugu-south Local Government council as a case study of the role of the efficiency in the public service is to bring the enugu_south local government council into the mainstream of academic enquires. It is concern entails identifying the problems militating against the councils successful   operation toward rending effective and efficient services to the populace or people. The study is geared towards finding recommendation to these problems. And will be useful to theEnugu-south local government council which serves as a case study, at the same time assist the management council in looking into the operation problem of the councils. It is expected to help the Enugu-south local government council in formulating administrative policy of the council. To policy matters, it will assist the top management in formulating and periodically reviewing the basic policies, plans and fore casts, which constitute the frame work with the daily administration operation functions.

      Finally, the study would be significant to other local government parietals as a guide to administrative policy and management.

 1.7              DEFINDITON OF TERMS 

a)      PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS: This refers to the practise of administration in a particular segment of the society (that of he public sector). It is the machinery of implementing government policy. It also deals with way of organising the executive legislative and Judiciary branch of government.

b)       EFFECTIVENESS :  This refers to the degree or extent to an organisation accomplishers or achieves the purpose/goal for which it was established . when an organisation is achieving the purpose for which it was established then such organisation is said to be effective.

c)      EFFICIENCY:  Refer to an extent to which and organisation achieves the highest possible level of output with the least input of resources. In other words this relates to the relationship or the ration between the resources input and output.

d)       EXAMINATIONS: A characteristic of the civil service that guarantees recruitment movement form one level to another through examination.

e)      IMMUNITY: civil services are rewarded for the services rendered in form of pension, health insurance, housing at higher level accommodation guarantee  at low level transportation etc.