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          Having realized the prospects and problems of managers in business organization, the research work is primarily aimed at bringing to the notice of business organization and private individual the invaluable role and contribution of mangers in the effective and efficient running of the organization operations. It is also aim at having an insight into the possible dangers associated with managers not being effective and problems that are treating the effective operation of mangers good and competent mangers are the price of every organizations.

          Mangers influence all phases of our modern organization. Plant manger runs the production of items like cloth we wear, the food we eat and auto mobiles etc. sale managers maintain sales force that market goods provides by the producers. Personnel managers provide the organization with the competent and productive work force. Our society simply could not exist as we know it today or improve its present status without a study stream of mangers to guide its organizations.

A management practitioner (Peter Drucker) makes this sum point by stating the effective management is quickly becoming the main resources of developing countries and the most needed resources of developing ones. In short our society desperately needs good mangers.

In addition to being important to our society as a whole, management is vital to many individual simply because they can earn their living by being managers. Government statistics shows that management position has held a study increase of 2 –10 percent of the work force since 1950. These managers typically came from very background and diversified educational specialties. Many individual who were originally trained to be accountants, teachers or even journalist eventually make their live hood from  being some type of manager. In the long run however, managerial position can yield high salaries, interesting work and personnel growth and interest feeling of accomplishment. Today, economy holds much return for competent mangers. Besides understanding the significance of being a manger related powerful budgets prospective mangers should know what the management task entails.

ANAMMCO Ltd Enugu is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of vehicles like lorries, trucks, buses and cars.

          The company came to Enugu in 1980 and as well as got registered in the same year.


  1. EGYPT: The ancient Egyptian as for back as 1300 Bc recognized the importance of organization and administrations in their systems of government their success in the construction palace and pyramids resulted from parched management.
  2. BABYLON: One of the seven wonders of the ancient work was the hanging grader of Babylon. Certainly, some had planned and or had others to execute that plan before such historical record was created.
  3. ROMAN EMPIRE: Known as the greatest congesting nation in the world by then the complexity of the administration job brought a considerable development of management techniques. Roman found good management even more important in peacetime than in war. Good management however has contributed to the Roman Military success. They also applied the sector principles of Henry Fuyol in their delegation of authority.
  4. GREECE: The ancient Greek philosophers like plate and Aristotle stated some principles, which are still relevant to modern management. Socrata Lud to define management, as a special skill separate and different from man’s technical know how. This definition is still relevant or valid today. The Arthurian democracies with its courts common wealth council’s board were all found based on good management.
  5. THE MILITARY: Large armies are not without problems. They overcome these problems by emphazing on good leadership techniques and principles. Among the modern principles of management are the staff principles.
  6. THE ORTHODOX (Hurches) The Orthodox churches have over the years been the most effective formal organization. It has yielded example in applied management like liearchcual large-scale organization, scular cluan in authority, which are worthy of emulations.
  7. BIBILICAL EXAMPLES: Management is of Biblical origin. The bible of Exodus describes the leadership qualities of Moses. That was when Jethro served as a management consultant principles of leadership training.
  8. THE COMERALIST: These were the groups of people who are intellectuals, philosophers and public administrators who studied in Germany and Australia in the 16th and 18th centuries. They believed that the greatest of any nations depends on the administration. They also believed in the diversity of management principles.

To them, the principles of specialization of administrative procedures were of equal important. It has to b emphases that the study of management and organization is quite old; it could be traced from the above examples that several attempts were made to explain the theories and principles of organization that were expressed over the past years.

     In the late 1800’s a set of concept of organization account result from the complex nature of organization. That is why it was stated that organization based on classical theory has been in existence for thousands of years.

Finally, the classical theory of management has three main arms thus:

  • Bureaucracy of man Weber 1948
  • Scientific management of Fredrick Taylor 1915
  • Theory of administrator associated with Henry Faylor 1947.

With Henry Faylor 1947. Principles of management by Agbo O. Ani Nnenna, Nwandu Erinna (Bus 211)


There are numerous schools of thought within the study of management as propounds by scholars in the field.

However, management according to one of the scholars is defined as the process of reading organizational objectives by working with materials through people and other organizational resources. A comparison of this definition of management offered by several or different contemporary management thinkers shows that there is some agreement that management has following three characteristics.

(a)              Management is a process and series of continuing and relative activities.

(b)             Management involves and concentrates on reducing organizational goals.

(c)              Management reduces these goals by working with and through people and other organization resources.

Meanwhile, another management thinker was of the view that management is the application of human and material resources to achieve the objectives of organizations effectively and efficiently.  Also, for result to be achieved, resources must have to be brought together and be utilized. It makes use of 3 ms are men, materials and money. Management is also referred to as the process that managers follow to accomplish organizational goal, it can be used, however, to refer to a body of knowledge, in this context management is a cumulative body of information that finishes insight on how to manage.

Management can also be term used to pinpoint those individuals who guide and direct organizations. It is also commonly used to designate a carrier devoted to the task of guiding and directing organizations. It is also worthy to be noted a understanding of these various uses and related definitions of management should help the students and practitioners eliminates miss commercial during management related discouriou. In the final analysis, the role of managers is to guide organization exist for some purpose or objectives and managers have the responsibility of combing and using organizational resources to ensure that the organization achieve their purpose.

          Management moves organization towards these goals or purpose by assigning activities that the organization members perform. If these activities are designed effectively the production of each individual workers represented a contribution to attainment to encourage individual activities that hinder organizational goals accomplishment.

There is no idea more important to managing the goals. Management has no meaning apart from its goals. Management must keep organizational goals study in mind out all times.