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The legal definition of unrest is dispute between employers and workman or between employers and employees or non employment with the conditions of labour of any person. Industrial unrest related to inter – organization relations about job value regulation that produces disagreement and conflicts, hence an industrial unrest can rise in any business organization providing employment of certain persons. At least one of the disputants must be a body of man.

 Industrial unrest is a brain – child of workers grievances and could be grouped into three farms, namely dissatisfaction, compliant and grievance.

 A dissatisfaction can be defined as any thing that disturbs the employee whether or not expresses his unrest in words or action. A complaint is a spoken or written dissatisfaction brought to the attention of the supervisor and in unionized farms the shop steward. In the language of labour relation and from the management angle, grievance is simply a complain which has been formally presented in writing, to a management representative or to a chronic official. But to most people the word grievance suggest a complaint that has been improved dismissed without due consideration by William 1980 personnel administration.

The industrial unrest of 1941 was as a result of economic difficulties caused by the first world war. The hand shop among the working class in urban centers led the railway working to demand for cost of living allowance of which the request was turned down and an industrial unrest follows. It was the Bridges committee’s report that granted the allowance. Another industrial unrest was given witnessed in 1945. At the end of the seemed world was workers expected a change in their economic fortunes, but this was not realized, prices of commodities were high and the economic conditions of the time was so hash that the union demand for cost of living increase over the award made in 1942. The government refuse the demand and a general industrial unrest ensured.

The strike lasted for 45 and was successfully in paralyzing all economic activities. It was Davis Commissions report that granted the award of a substantial increase in the cost of living.

 Another industrial unrest in Enugu in 1994 fed top the shooting of load miners. The load miners were on industrial unrest and aimed policemen were called in for settlement and 21 miners were killed in the unrest. In water corporation Engineers said what effort are being made by the corporation to recover debt award owned by the public and private sector to improve its revenue collection machinery considering that water corporation is not a charity organization and the hazardous process of waste disconnections. This is of the questions asked by the chief Executive on the area to motivate the workers by generating enough fund to pay the workers promptly. Many souls have died in our various hospitals because of Doctors and Nurses were on industrial unrest on demand for one condition of services or another.

From the economic point of view labour is one of the factors of production and such indispensable, if any meaningful production or service are to be made, employees should therefore be given their due remuneration by the management and employers of labour alike.

Furthermore, grievance is a real or margined or the union against a management based on non – application of services. An aggrieved worker and poor efficiency. Thus high morale depends on how fairly a workers grievances. One should suggest that possible solution be made to arrest the situation from occurring at all, especially in this period of culling economy. Any organization with constant industrial dispute. Suffers a great deal of setback. In order to improve and promote the relationship between management and worker with a view of achieving maximum productivity and utmost equilibrium for the benefit of both sides of industry, the management should establish  an effective collective bargaining machinery and joint consultation an all matters of mutual interest.

There is always afflict of interest between the management and their workers which arises as a result of their deterring economic view.  So collective bargaining should aim at resolving those conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Management and employees should not hold the biblical belief that work a physical labour is a curse imposed on man by his God for alleged Sins Committed by our first parent i.e. Adam and Eve.  Instead work should be viewed as a medium through which man can keep himself alive and help him obtain his economic wants employers at labour. Should realize that if workers are treated as human beings, they will behave as such unwitting slaves or beasts, thus that is precisely how they will act.


  1. Despite the monopoly nature of Enugu Water Corporation there has been  problem of constant payment of salaries and wages of workers.
  1. It is also difficult to sense out what value the management has for motivation  of employee to forestall industrial unrest.
  1. There is also a problem of administration of worker whole vacancy exists to  be filled up.
  1. Employees also find it key difficult to survives under a heavy economic Crunch and devalues money in Nigeria.

 1.2            THE PURPOSE OF STUDY

  1. To find out the causes of non-payment of salaries and wages to employee Despite Enugu Water Corporation Monopoly.
  1. To find out the extent to which management value the use of motivation as an Instrument of peace.
  1. To determine the reason behind Enugu Water Corporation Management Retrench workers when there are not enough to carry out the grassroots operations.
  1. The effect of economic crunch and difficulties an employees.


This study is connected to Enugu State Water Corporation (ENS WC). The focus is on the impact of industrial unrest on management efficiency.

 Irregular payment of salaries and wages of workers will not affect

      Management efficiency.

  1. Irregular payment of salaries and wages to workers affect  management efficiency.
  2. Lack of motivation by management will not discourage the effort  of Employees.
  3. Lack of motivation by management will discourage the effort of


  1. Management will not retrench workers when they are not enough to carryout the grass root operation.
  2. Management will retrench workers when they are  not enough to

     carryout the grass root operations.

 1.4            DEFINITION OF TERM

The subject matter under study has contribution to the employers of labour, the employees and to government as well. A Country with constant industrial unrest will not progress. The economy will always look very dull. But now the government could avoid any industrial unrest by doing those things that motivate the employees. Government finely intervention will yield a lot of result. A Country with stagnate economy will not attract foreign investment.

On the side of the employers, they should always regard employees as part and parcel of the organization. They brings in the idea of participate management or management by objective. Once you let an employee believe that you rate him/her high, the morale will arise and this leads to achieve the main objective of the organization. Once there is an industrial unrest, the whole firm will lease to function and production will also cease. This shortfall takes the whole market share even the customers may change their minds considering the result of industrial unrest in corporation, organization third firm, it is very hazardous, allowing it to take place at all.

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