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This study examines the effect of training on employee performance in public service. In this study data was collected from 50 works of ministry of works Asaba, using a structured questionnaire. Data analysis was done using the ANOVA techniques and means. The results of the study showed that training, supervisor support, and employee participation are strongly related to job performance. We recommended that ministry of work should employ capable employees in other to achieve their organization goals. We also recommended that ministry of works should also give out incentive, to help motivate employee in their work place.

Organization can reap the rewards of providing training for their employees because well – trained workers help increase productivity and profits. Investing in employee training should improve worker retention rates, customer satisfaction and creativity foe new product ideas, effective training saves labor by reducing time spent on problem – solving and save money in the long run by producing a better workforce.
Saving time and cost: investment in training can improve a company’s financial standing. Poor performance often results when employees don’t know exactly what they are supposed to do, how to do their jobs are supposed to do, how to do their jobs or why they need to work a certain way. Training can help solve these performance problems by explaining the details of the job. This should reduce duplication of effort in the workplace the time spent correcting mistakes and the problem solving necessary to correct bad performances. Improved performance from employee training can reduce staff turnover, lower maintenance costs by reducing equipment breakdowns and result in fewer customer complaints. Better performance from employees typically creates less worker output.
The main primary objective of any organization is that, of growth efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. An organization may have employees that are determined, with appropriate equipment and managerial support, yet their performance falls in most cases is lack of adequate skills and knowledge, which are acquired through training. It is therefore a great importance that the need for training and development of employee be identified and provided for. It is an indispensable part of management function relating to operational efficiency and effectiveness. This is because an organization which puts great emphasis on employee training is directly planning for its survival and steady growth. In order to guard against the obsolescence of employee’s skill knowledge and techniques. There is need for constant training in order to up-date the wealth of knowledge of the employees. Lack of training increases absentees in rate, how output, poor quality job performance which will result in high unit cost.
Therefore when the need for training has been determined, the organization will them have to state clearly the objective which the training programme is expected to achieve.

The main problems of this research project is the effect of training on employees performance in public service. Under performance experience has show that most staff in organization undergo training and yet fail to perform to the expected standard set by the organization. A performance problem occurs when are employee is failing to obtain the results expected of him o her, or failing short  of the goals and objectives for the job.
Inadequate Training
In other words, there is a gap between what he or she is currently producing. In other cases, employees are trained but when faced with the real work situations are greeted with an entirely different environment performance problems occur in many forms, and can range from simple poor productivity to absenteeism, to negatively affecting the work of other. More so, there have been cases of sending wrong staff to undergo training such people find it very difficult to cope with the training exercise.
All these are additional problem to be solved in the course of this study.

The following question were developed to guide the researcher in his analysis and also to provide solid framework for this study

  1. What is the effect of training in employee performance in public service?
  2. What is the effect of supervisor role on employees performance in public service?
  3. What is the effect of participation in public service?
What is the effect of job/task performance on employees performance in public services?