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1.1 Background to the study

Although the international order between states is strong enough, the world is not peaceful. In the wake of globalization and the explosion of communication technologies, the new security threats have emerged that are to a large extent independent of national borders. Therefore, a new type of war is waged in every country around the world; this is because the main threats to national security have changed fundamentally. They arise not over territorial and ideological differences between nation states, but from how globalization, technological threats and criminal networks have grown to defy the United Nations (Zalur & Zeckhauser 2002). In Nigeria today, the conflict seems persistent and intractable, however, after a decade of complacency seems to be finally grasp the fact that we are fighting for survival in the shadow of catastrophic hazards. Therefore, discussions on the Nigerian concept of national security has evolved rapidly due to the security environment in which we live is dynamic and uncertain, full of a multitude of threats and challenges that are trans-national in nature have a murderous growth potential (Pandya & Laipon 2008: 39). Scenario emerge from these transnational threats that are irrespective of national borders and includes a list of the different risk factors that seem endless from various transnational crimes such as terrorism, human and drug trafficking, money laundering, etc., widespread environmental degradation, diseases, climate change and policies, even policies that could threaten the sovereignty of our country (Brainard and Halon 2004), further challenged the concept of national security now up to people rather than territories on the one hand and development rather than military on the other Main. Now the notion of national security captures the traditional security and human security. National security is now seen as a total safety - safety of life and property security of the economy and economic resources of areas of the country, the safety of food resources and raw materials, general health population, environment and national integrity and preservation of that society considers important and valuable (Imobighe 2000). Globalization and technological advances have led to the decline of our borders has led to increased vulnerability of Nigeria to threats he and endanger our national security. Nigeria - border with Benin, which is located in the west of the country, is particularly known for all kinds of cross-border illegal activities. For this reason, this research project will attempt to discuss human and drug trafficking, smuggling of goods and weapons proliferation and the dangers they pose to the national security of Nigeria because these activities are common throughout Nigeria - border with Benin. The dilemmas that Nigeria is faced with insecurities call for a critical investigation of border entry points, they exercise their strategic functions (Willie, 2008).

1.2 Problem Statement