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The purpose of this study is to find out the problems of classroom management and control in some selected secondary schools in Oredo local government area of edo state. Chapter one deals with background of the study, problems associated with classroom management and control. Chapter two contains review of related literature, which emphasized the usefulness of class room management and control during teachers and learning experience. Chapter three surveys the methodology employed in the research are prepared and administered to the respondents. Chapter four deals with the analysis of data collected and interpretation and presentation of results. Finally chapter five contains summary of research recommendations for effect proper classroom management and control in the school system.







The idea behind discipline in school is not across a single point of view About the proper definition of school discipline but to bring together contrasting opinion and attitudes, so that reader give the background on which to base is own conclusions.

    How ever the discipline expresses constancy that is what ever situation. There are always a set of rules and regulation necessary foe achievement of the goals of the situation. That is why discipline has often as the order with which an individual advances towards achieving a goal that he has set for himself or that some one has lawfully set for him, for example in a school setting there are a number of rules and rightfully prescribed for student by the government or the school authorities these rules are expected to be observed by student in order to achieve the school goals. All that has been said implies that discipline is a goal oriented behaviour. It is any action taken with a view to achieving the objectives of a given situation, organization or establishment.

    Discipline is one of the most controversial topic in education, it is an area of interest that closed involves many parents and teachers who feel the need to refine school values to take account of change in the social environment but are not always sure of the best way to go about the job.

Discipline can be defined as the order with which an individual advance towards achieving a goal that he has set for himself or that someone has lawful set for him

    Discipline as the first law in good school for without it school life cannot fulfill it purpose.

    Discipline is define as the layout order of control and self impose by pupils rather than imposed from out side by the teacher.

    Discipline is define as the highest order of control and self impose by the pupils rather than imposed from out side by the teacher.

    Discipline can also be seen as the measured by the extent to which the children are self controlled and willing apply themselves to the task appointed by the teacher.

    Discipline as near the total freedom to young stars to find their own philosophy of behaviour and relief or would it be wise to seek to pressure same or the entire traditional standard as an essential bulwark against the risks of social disruption


Class management and control contributes to build up a discipline in school and in pupils

    Therefore the problems associated with the attitude will be examined in this study thus

  1. inappropriate class room management result to indiscipline among student
  2. inadequate teaching aids may lead to fail in classroom management
  3. lack of quality teachers affects class room management

1.3       SCOPE OF STUDY

The scope of study will be limited to Idia College, Emotan college, Baptist high school, akenzuwa secondary school, itoan grammer school, oredo girls grammar school, upon which questionnaire will be designed and distributed as if it from the major population of study


The purpose of this study is to ensure that discipline and control of pupils become effective in the teaching and learning process. To effect the above the following will be examined among others

  1. it opens our eyes to see the need of classroom management and control in secondary schools in Oredo local government area.
  2. it gives a better perspective on the quarters of a teacher
  3. to expose different methods techniques involved in the school management and control
  4. to educate teachers on how to ensure effective classroom management and control


The significance of this study among others include the following

-       to ensure efficiency in the teaching method that is used

-       to ensure adequate understanding of the subject matter by students

-       to ensure adequate discipline and control among student

-       to help a teacher to manage his or her class effectively.

As many authors defined discipline as self control and willingness to accept order ones therefore agrees with them that if children or student are allowed to do what ever the wanted to do, peace and order will completely be ruled out from the school. E.g in economic geography, mathematics, English language, history and psychology, there should be discipline among the students so that they can learn effectively.

Discipline is important for it involves all the subject in the school time table and also include the students teachers and parents communities, education officers, policy makers in one way or the other e.g the following generalization can be made about the student attending the school they are well glad and will nourished they are very excited they are easily distracted have a limited attention span can turn off at will then these are drawn from a wide area their arms are quite simply to learn to live together in understanding and tolerance and to give children a stable learning environment.

       To achieve this, the life of the school must be based on the mutual respect for all its members and understanding of the difficulties and problems the face for the principal and teachers have responsibility for the whole area of working relations within the school community. The principal or head must seen to be all things to all people the heads door must never be closed to any students, parents, staff members, education, offices and policy makers and he must also be prepared to listen at any time to apparently trivial details which are of course of vital importance to complaints.


The research questions of the study will be focus on the followings. Does class room management and control help pupils to have a good a behaviors is the untrained teacher better equipped with classroom control that the trained teacher? Should discipline of child be left alone for the class teachers? Does personality of a teacher has effect on teachers does environment has influence in class room management and control. Do inadequate teaching aids lead to fall in class room management? Is it good for teacher to ask questions when teaching? Does teacher remain seated at his seat during writing work? Does teacher harshness in class make teachers to learn fast? Does discussing of teachers in class during writing work distract?

       The table reflects the investigations into some classes in the school from October, 2003 to march 2004 the investigating shows. That these untrained teachers do not take seriously the effect of the above items on the students