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This paper looks at the implication of new technology and the practice of journalism, especially the self interest to produce, disseminate and receive information. The theoretical method adopted here is on the basis of McLuhan’s theory of technological determinism to justify the work that more emphasize till e n the medium as technology advances and the global village. The interactive nature of internet is a crucial factor while some believe its role of citizen journalism is unethical in journalism profession theirs pine it is acrosanct to articipatory democracy. Library research method as used to generate secondary data or his paper. However of new medium can end and ld ne oblivion, t will nly e an extension of the old medium. It is entertinent hat online journalism ought to provide ore information and in some cases provide video lips and series of pictures of lack up their stories. The paper recommends that media houses should rain their staff in online journalism while government should provide enabling environment in the rural areas so in information can get to them.





As the internet changes the face of communication journalists are beginning to have new ways of packaging and disseminating news to the public. Though few journalists in Nigeria have access to the internet and most of them do that in their respective places of work without personal internet access because internet connection is limited to senior people especially managing editors and senior staff notwithstanding, they are left out of the global village. Journalists access internet from cyber cafes, libraries and media resource centres and host of them still see the internet to end -mail. Beyond ending e-mail to headquarters and receiving instructions from the same internet has created few opportunities for journalists to sell stories not only to other media houses locally but cross the globe.

The internet has made the world smaller for journalists to explore. His wonderful technology has also made research on various subject matters available via chatting and exchange of messages. This has created new markets and form of journalism where journalists specialize and work is online journalists, content managers or editors or particular websites. The internet is pushing journalists to learn new skills on how to add content to web site, blog and create hyper text links the coming of the internet is also reading journalists to basically now photographic skills such as how to take digital pictures and upload them to computer or add them to blog and website. Internet has made it easy for journalists to research on any subject as it is new of the biggest resources it takes it easy to find out what acronyms stand and also research a certain subject matter. No doubt, the internet is also changing the way he writes for newspapers as he now have to learn how to strictly write for online newspapers. However, most of the online newspapers still carry the same material which was produced by the print version without creating hypertext links to help the visitor stay with the age.


Times and things have indeed changed, globalization has since become a buzz word, and has brought with it change and competition, people’s lives have been variously affected either for the better or for the worse, depending on the side of the divide one finds himself or herself, although Africa and the rest of the developing world (sounds better than the clichéd 3rd world designation) may argue that they are hard done by, by the avenging and scavenging onslaught of the multinational corporations through their invasion and incursion into their markets with cheap mass produced goods.


In addition to people’s clamor for change, rising income levels as a result of improved education, the efforts of silicon valley techies and their technological strides (the internet, personal computers and laptops, PDAs, e-commerce, m-commerce and such other digital devices and systems), the other factors identified to be driving globalisation forward are changing consumer tastes and fashion, the advent of faster means of travel and communication pioneered by CNN and their breaking news tradition, although we now have other global media such as Al-Jazeera, Fox News, BBC, SKY etc, the increasing integration of countries into regional groups for example the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) etc, and also the rise of super corporations and global giants such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike etc. There is also the greed factor which critics of globalisation have used every now- and -then to advance their argument, the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organisation (WTO) protests readily come to mind.

1.2    Statement of Problem

         This project is carried out to determine the effect of the internet on media practice in Nigeria. It will also be used to find out how much of the modern day journalist makes use of the internet and to find out how much the internet has affected the modern day journalism in the world over.

         Also to determine the rate at which the public pay more attention to internet news and news stories more than the traditional news media.

         The internet as a medium of media communication, is it for everyone or for just some sect of people.

         Moreover, has the internet added positively or negatively to the dissemination of news to the public? These are the identified problems of the study that the researcher intends to find solution to.


1.3    Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this research is to appraise the impact of internet on journalism practice in Nigeria with the aim of bringing to limelight what underlines the underutilization of the new communication technology in Nigeria journalism profession. It also looks at the lower of latest technology and how it changes the traditional journalism.

The project has been decided within the scope of five chapter. It seeks to appraise the fact of whether the internet is a positive addition to the internet or a negative influence.


1.4    Objectives of the Study

This study aims to find out the following:

  • To find out how much the internet has affected the practice of journalism in Nigeria.
  • To find out the percentage of people who rely on the internet for their news updates.
  • To know if the journalist find the internet very useful or not.
  • To determine the rate at which people rely on the internet for current news.
  • To determine if the traditional media practice is still relevant.
  • To determine how many people have access to the internet.
  • To determine if the internet is generally used or whether only a few people.


1.5    Research Question

         The research question is designed to determine the effect of internet on media practice in Nigeria, so the following questions will be asked in an effort to achieve the aim of this research.

  • To what extent has internet developed the level of media practitioners in Nigeria?
  • To what extent is it true that journalist use the internet to send or receive information?
  • To what extent is it true that internet help reporters get information?
  • Of what usefulness in the internet to media practice and media practitioners?
  • How effective is internet on media practice in Nigeria?


H0: The use of internet has no significant effect on media practice

H1: The use of internet has significant effect on media practice
1.6    Definition of Terms

         ICT – Information and Communication Technology

INTERNET – International Network, Connecting 2 or more

computers Together.

Network: To connect several computers together to make it work and share resources.


1.7    Delimitation of the Study

         This research work is limited by a number of factors and these include Time and Financial constraints as this did not permit large scope and more comprehensive research work

Moreover, relevant confidential records, which would have aided this research work, could not be reached. Also, in co-operative and non-challant attitudes of some of this respondents added to this problem.


1.8    Significance of the Study

         The significance of media practice is to disseminate news information and entertainment but the analysis of this study is to find out how effective the internet has been in the practice of journalism in Nigeria.

         It has been imperative to note whether that whether in a small way or in a large amount the internet certainly has effect on the practice of journalism in the country. However, this study seeks to know how much of influence it has and at the same time seek to know what sort of recommendation to be given to media practitioners in the country.