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The practice of advertising can be traced back to ancient times. During this period communication played a vital role in transforming people’s attitude and behaviour towards a particular product or service.

However, during this period, advertisement was absent Historians believe that our door signs carved in stones and woods were used by ancient Greeks and Romans as advertising. At this point in time people were illiterate and the signs often stimulated the goods for sale and the Merchants such as knives, hoes etc.

Then came the invention of a moveable type of printing machine in 1450 by Johan G. Gerberg from Germany. This invention made possible   advertising on the print media like magazines newspapers, bill boards, hand bills and posters.

After the printing advertisement came a new and radio, it started in November 1920 in USA and rapidly become the primary means of communication on its trade came television. Television became another means of communication.

Advertising for so many decades has remained one of the major economic forces necessary for development but comparative studies show that both government and individual citizens of Nigeria are yet to utilize advertisement effectively towards the country’s economic recovery and national development.

Moreover, advertising can be defined as a non-personal communication directed to target audience through various medium in order to present, sell and promote product service, ideas, person, institutions and organization. Therefore advertising remains a vital door for economic and broad national development.

This research work is an attempt to find out how people react to advertisement in their consumption pattern of a particular product, service or idea. I have chosen students of the institute of management and Technology (IMT) Enugu to represent my universe while coca-cola product is my sample.

Be it as it may that advertising is still gross misunderstand and under utilize in Nigeria today. We really need to understand better and utilize advertising to achieve economic growth the current situation is one that advertising business largely dominated by American men who use them to market their good and services in the same vein government and its agencies need to use advertising more than they do presently since it has many ideas, programmes, the government also had to sell itself institution and leaders to the masses, both nationally and across the borders, otherwise it will not build and retain the public acceptance trust and understanding to succeed in the business of governance and socio economic development.


People react differently to advertisement with regards to their consumption pattern of product and services or even ideas and their effect patronage of these goods, services or ideas favorably or unfavourably by customers.

 This is a case with my chosen topic on coca-cola consumption in school that aback-logs generally in some schools these days due to the competition products in the market that’s viewing with its previous sale marketing.

Here, the advertisement formular of promoting the marketing of coca-cola in school through some freak media of school attentive audience to drive their attention back to the product and so to increase patronage. Awarding some free drinks and bonanzas to the general public as to boost their type of consumption pattern does this.


The main objective for embarking on this particular topic is for the interest of all and supply. However, the under listed are some of them.

Firstly to let consumers be aware of the importance of advertisement carried out on goods, services, ideas, institutions, governments etc.

To educate individuals, organizations and governments on how advertising can be used for economic recovery and development through paper utilization.

To emphasis on the objectives of he advertisers the benefits likely to be derived out of advertising his products, services ideas and so on. And more importantly the gains to be enjoyed by the use of advertising message.


This research work has been done to provide essential information to those who may need such for any reason more especially students of institutions of higher learning are advised to pick up this project copy and carryout research work on this subject matter because it has been written to provide the basic facts and figures one should know about advertising.

This piece of work will also be of good use to professional of advertising through consultation any time they have a practical problem that needs to be solved.

Prospective students on this course are also excluded from making use of this work because it forms a solid foundation or background towards achieving success on this subject.

Conclusively, this research has been made available to people in a works of life to help them to have a good career on advertising.


1.       To what extent are student aware of coca-cola product through advertisement.

2.       How does coca-cola promotions campaign influence customers buying behaviour?

3.       What are the roles of advertising as they affect people’s choice of product service or idea?



This is process of findings out the similarities and differences in two or more branches of knowledge product, services or idea. It has to do deeply with careful findings of those characteristics that distinguish one products from other.


This means the model of using of foods, energy, materials, services or ideas. Let us still use coke and fanta as example. The consumption pattern of some one who takes coke as his brand may differ from someone who takes fanta as his own brand like I aid earlier someone who drinks coke do that because it satisfies his hunger need may be he cannot afford for the three square meals a day. Based on this, he might be consuming two bottles of coke in a day which will be far cheaper for him than square meals it means that the person consume coke a lot (other consumption pattern is high).


Liquid substance obtained by chemical reaction, which are mild for human consumption, and which does not drinks namely coke, Fanta, Krest, Fanta Gingerale. Fanta lemon and soda water. Coca-cola company limited manufactures all these. These soft drinks do not contain alcohol and are therefore not harmful to human health and that is why a lot of people drink it.

Frank Jekins (1985) defined advertising at the means by which make know what we have sell or what we want to buy. Advertising presents the most of persuasive possible selling message to the right prospects for the product or service at the lowest possible cost.

The author of the public relations and advertising in the process of governance and economic is recovery in Nigeria gave his own definition of advertising as being the mass communication which is aimed at helping to sell goods, services, ideas, persons and institutions or organizations. Advertising is very necessary because a producer of a particular product for the existence of the product.

He would also want the public to know the importance of using his product. The same thing will be applicable to organization that is service oriented. Even the various governments use advertising to communicate to the public bout its official plans and programmes.

Advertising or promotions can be earned out through various electronic media, radio and television, paring media like newspaper, magazine, books, poster etc.


This piece of wok was limited to an extent thus making it a little bit different to get more facts during the researchers work.

The coca-cola bottling company plc 9th Depot made it impossible for the researcher to get any useful information because according to some of her staff, the researcher was told that there business is secret therefore, they don’t disclosed very important information to people. Eventually, when some junior staff agreed to attend to the research, they have the researcher more or less some use vis data.

The proprietors of some of the coca-cola sales point in institute of management and technology attended to the researcher by showing the researcher their sales book to really read and understanding how they make sales of coca-cola products daily, while some different ones amongst them paid deaf ears to the research hence creating some difficulties for the researcher towards achieving her aim.