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Project / Dissertation Defense Tips vol. 1
ZESTY DESTINY,(Blogger, TV Presenter, Script writer and freelancer) January, 2015

You are through with writing that project. Now what?
You have found yourself at that point where you have to defend what you have written. Of course you have to stand in front of your supervisor and other literary personalities to prove that you know what you wrote in your project paper. Unfortunately, the moreProject topics Nigeria you think about it, the more it looks like you are about to face a legion. It is not a war. But the emotion of dread welling up inside of you makes it look like one. So now you are asking yourself questions.
… how am I going to start?
… I hope I will do well enough to get an A.
You really want to nail it, but you need to come to terms with exactly how to get everything in perfect control. Especially your emotions of fear that seem to make a wreck of you every time you think about public speaking.
So here is the deal. I want to help you avoid that feeling that would ruin your precious moment if you dare to let it. And we are going to do it together. I am going to highlight some very important tips to help you get in control for you to be comfortable enough to move from that feeling of DREAD to CONFIDENT; and making an awesome Impression for that great rating your supervisors should be giving to you so freely.
Consider these tips as you prepare for your defence. We will be taking them one after the other so here we go. ...read more


byObiakoeze, Onyeka, July, 2014

At the mention of the topic Feasibility Study, some people seem to talk in these manner;

  • “How is a feasibility study so necessary?
  • “Feasibility studies are just a waste of time, we need to buy the building immediately and bid on the equipments.”
  • “…who said the business is not feasible? An existing same business is already doing well somewhere”.
  • “Why conduct another feasibility study when one was just finished a few years ago?”
  • “Feasibility studies are just a trick for consultants to make money

Well, those comments may sound smart enough, but you should acknowledge the fact that a great business investment still bears a tendency to crumble if not properly managed. And you may need to live with the regrets of your mistake and wrong decisions for a longer time in the future.
Let us take a glance at this important term Feasibility Study. A Feasibility study is a study that analyses the viability of any business idea you can think of or plan to go into. This study concentrates on answering the necessary questions such as “would I proceed with the anticipated project idea?” every step of the study is geared towards helping answer such questions, and trust me, when you finally execute that business, you will only keep smiling as it lasts. ...read more


ByZESTY DESTINY,(Blogger, TV Presenter, Script writer and freelancer) March, 2015

Running behind time is soooooooo easy. One minute you have all the time in the world and the next you realize you barely have an hour or more to the moment you have been waiting for. It’s kind of Project topics Nigeriafrustrating to be late or not meet up. Especially, when it’s something very important. On top of that, imagine knowing that you are going to be late on your project or even a presentation. That would besome hell of a big deal. Add to the fact that a lot of supervisors do not take it lightly to let you be the deciding factor and you have a picture in your mind’s eye that brings a scowl on your face. Now imagine if that were a reality. Of course that will be way below par with what you want or the picture you would love.
There is something about poor time management that rubs us all the wrong way. For one, it makes you feel like a looser. I have not yet met anyone who is comfortable to know that they are turning up late at an extremely important schedule that does not feel horrible. In fact, in most cases, ‘horrible’ will be an understatement. Besides, you don’t want to have a run in with your supervisor for being late on submissions right? So how about we discuss how to manage your time better?
Here we go. Let us find out some ways to meet up with your time: ...read more


by Obiakoeze, Onyeka,October, 2014

It is one thing to complete a good research work and another to place its value on high demand. Just like in production, except a product is well marketed, its quality cannot be predicted. Marketing draws the attention of the prospective consumer first before a trial will be considered and then the salability of such good. As a mark of high necessity, the abstract of every research work should be able to draw any reader’s interest to insist on purchasing the complete material. In this dispensation, e-journals have become the best way to reach a wider audience and only the quality of a researcher’s abstract has the capacity of selling the research material.
This blog post therefore concentrates on how best to present a good abstract. Let us take a glance on some basics;
An abstract in a simple form can be understood to be a summarized write-up that is complete enough to represent the full work in view, (no more, no less). This abstract should be able to highlight key contents of the enabling the reader predict the expectations from the journal. Nevertheless, as informative as an abstract can be, the writer should be careful not to use high vocabularies nor end up on a lengthy write-up with unnecessary extensions. ...read more



First of all, I have been there. Secondly, I know that a lot can go wrong if one ends up with a career that is unsuitable for them. Thirdly, life is too important not to live it fully focused on things that give you the utmost joy. Yes, I think it is one of the most important choices.
Choosing a career makes a strong mark in all of an individual’s success. This is partly because a lot is hinged on the offering that gives you passion and that you decide to pursue and make a living from. It is expected that the choice of your course of study is a major starting point but when you consider the fact that people could eventually decide to change the Project topics Nigeriacourse of their career at a different stage in life or even completely branch out based on new calling and needs that they have come to see and feel a strong pull to bridge gaps in, then you will appreciate more the importance of being informed about this new step.
Usually, you should have considered this before the choice of a university degree; nonetheless, it does not always follow that what you studied in school turns out to become your career (Certainly you can see this happening with many people in many fields). ...read more